Cashback Extras.

Up to 15% cashback with cashback extras. Laura, you're off to a flyer.

So you can treat yourself to something extra

Cashback Extras is our new service for Online and Mobile Banking current account customers. With it you'll get cashback offers that are based on the places you usually shop.

You just need to activate each offer in Online Banking to earn cashback on your next purchase. Then shop with your Halifax debit card to get cashback paid into your bank account at the end of the next month. It's paid direct, so once you've shopped you don't even have to do anything.

What's more, you can also use your Halifax credit card when you shop, if you have one, and you'll get the cashback paid into your bank account if you're the primary account holder (the person whose name is on the bill). Spending by any additional cardholder will also count towards any cashback for the primary cardholder.

Check out the guide

Our handy online guide tells you everything you need to know to start enjoying Cashback Extras..

Guide to Cashback Extras

Got a query? The Frequently asked questions may have the answer you need.

How it works

Cashback Extras enables you to receive personalised cashback offers from participating retailers. To get the cashback you just need to follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Click on each personalised offer in Online or Mobile Banking to activate it - no tricky vouchers or codes to worry about.
  • Shop with your Halifax debit card - or Halifax credit card if you're the account holder - in line with the retailer's offer conditions.
  • Cashback will be paid into your Halifax bank account on or before the last work day of the following month. 

Participating retailers

Clothes. Food. Entertainment. Whatever takes your fancy, we could have a cashback offer for you. Take a look at some of the retailers offering cashback to Halifax debit and credit card customers.

Participating retailers for cashback extras

Information correct as of 25/09/13

Just remember that offers will be matched to your debit or credit card spending. That means cashback offers shown in Online Banking will vary from person to person and you might not see offers from every retailer you see here.

Switch on Cashback Extras

Sign in to Online Banking

Once you're signed in, click Cashback Extras from Your account tools and switch on Cashback Extras.

New to Halifax? Join us and get extra

If you’re not a Halifax current account customer and you want Cashback Extras, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Choose one of our current accounts
  2. Apply online, making sure you register for Online Banking in the application
  3. Then once you’re able to sign in to Online Banking, click Cashback Extras from Your account tools and switch on Cashback Extras

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Things you need to know

Here's what you need to know to qualify for Cashback Extras:

  • You must be a current account customer aged 18+.
  • You must be registered for both Halifax Online Banking and Cashback Extras.
  • You must have a Halifax debit and/or credit card.

  • Credit Cards:
    • Only the primary cardholder can earn cashback from spending on the credit card account as long as they hold a Halifax bank account.
    • Transactions made by additional cardholders will count towards cashback and will also be used to generate new offers for the primary cardholder to activate.
  • You'll need to remain registered for Cashback Extras and keep your account open to get your cashback.
  • The cashback payment will be credited to your oldest Halifax current account unless you tell us otherwise.
  • Retailer offers can only be activated through Halifax Online Banking.
  • The retailer offers and cashback amounts vary.
  • If there are any errors in an offer, we may withdraw or correct it. This won't affect any offers you've already activated.
  • To earn cashback each offer must be activated online and applies to your next purchase.

Now you're ready to click, shop and earn cashback.