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  • We'll give you £100, paid within 3 working days of completing your current account switch to the Halifax.
  • Plus entry into our February 2016 Switcher Prize Draw, with a top prize of £50,000.

How to qualify for the £100 and entry into the Switcher Prize Draw:

Use the Current Account Switch Service to transfer and close your old account held elsewhere, and we’ll automatically enter you into our February 2016 Switcher Prize Draw. So start your switch into one of our qualifying current accounts between 19th October 2015 and 31st January 2016, and complete your switch by 18th February 2016. If you’ve already received cashback for switching to us since January 2012, we’re sorry but you won’t get it again or be entered into our prize draw. Customers living in England, Wales & Scotland aged 18+ (not NI).

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£100 to switch using the Current Account Switch Service.

To qualify for the £100 switching offer (“the offer”) you must use the ‘Current Account Switch Service’ and meet the following conditions:

  • Use the 'Current Account Switch Service' to switch into a new or existing, Reward Current Account, Ultimate Reward Current Account (£15 monthly fee) or Halifax Current Account ("your account"); and
  • Use the ‘Current Account Switch Service’ to transfer all the active credits and debits from the bank account that you hold with another bank and close this account.

You are not eligible for the offer if you have previously received any other offer or benefits for switching to a Halifax bank account at any point since January 2012 or if you're a Bank of Scotland bank account customer switching to the Halifax.

You are not eligible for the offer if the bank you are switching from does not participate in the Current Account Switch Service. To find out if your bank participates, visit the Payments Council website

What else do you need to know?

  1. The offer applies to applications received in branch, online or by phone between 19th October 2015 and 31st January 2016.  The offer is subject to change and can be withdrawn without notice at any time.
  2. The offer does not automatically guarantee an overdraft. Any application made for an overdraft will be subject to status. If your account has an overdraft you will not pay any daily overdraft fees for 6 months provided you stay within your planned overdraft limit; if you exceed your planned overdraft limit, then unplanned overdraft fees will still apply.
  3. After 6 months, or if you change your current account, you will be charged daily overdraft fees applicable to the account you hold if you use your overdraft. Please see the Getting Started Guide available in branch or for details on overdraft fees.
  4. If you do not meet the conditions of the offer we may claim back the £100. We will do this by debiting £100 from your account.
  5. Only one offer is available per customer. Joint accounts will only be eligible for one payment.
  6. The offer will be paid directly into your account within three working days once your switch has completed. The payment will appear as a cash credit.
  7. The offer is not available to employees of Lloyds Banking Group, or if the employee is named on any bank account held in joint names.
  8. By agreeing to switch to Halifax using the ‘Current Account Switching Service’ you agree that we can use your personal details to enter you into our Halifax Personal Current Account Switcher Prize Draw (“the Draw”). If you don’t wish to be entered into the Draw, you can opt out in branch, online, or over the telephone as set out in Rule 3 and Rule 4 below.
  9. Entry to the Draw, and whether you win, will not affect your switch in any way and will not affect any of the conditions of your Halifax Personal Current Account.

Halifax Personal Current Account Switcher Prize Draw Rules.

The Draw and how to join

  1. In these rules, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to Bank of Scotland plc trading under the ‘Halifax’ brand name.
  2. By entering the Draw, you agree to these Rules.

    The Draw is a one off prize draw to be drawn on 19th February 2016. The Draw is a free prize draw.

  3. The prizes for the Draw are:
    • One cash prize of £50,000
    • Four cash prizes of £5,000
    • Ten cash prizes of £1,000
    • Two hundred cash prizes of £100.
  4. All qualifying customers in the Draw have an equal chance of winning. We will not pay the prize to any person other than the winner or their representative, as referred to in Rules 7, 20 and 21 below.

  5. To be entered into the Draw, you must be a qualifying customer (as set out in Rule 7) and not have opted out of the Draw. You will be asked if you wish to enter into the Draw or opt out of the Draw when you are undertaking the switch of your Personal Current Account to Halifax, and you should confirm your request to either the branch or telephony colleague who is taking you through the switching process.  If you wish to enter into the Draw, you don’t need to do anything. To opt out of the Draw, you must let us know so that we can remove your details from entry. If you are switching online, you can opt out via and when doing so, you will be asked to supply your old sort code and bank account number; it is your responsibility to ensure that these details are correct.
  6. If you later decide to change your mind and opt out of the Draw, you can still do so, but you will need to contact us by 17th February 2016. You will need to speak to either a branch or telephony colleague or online, by going to and you will be asked to supply your old sort code and bank account number; it is your responsibility to ensure that these details are correct.
  7. Where a joint account is being switched, and one named customer wishes to opt out, both named customers will be removed from the Draw.
  8. Once we receive your request to opt out of the Draw, your details will be automatically removed from entry. We will not notify you that this has happened; however you will be reminded that you can opt out of the Draw on the letter confirming payment of your £100 switching offer.
  9. How to qualify to take part in the Draw

  10. To be a qualifying customer for the Draw, you must:
    • Be an individual who has successfully applied to switch their Personal Current Account to Halifax using the Current Account Switch Service; and
    • Have started your 7 day switch between 19th October 2015 and 31st January 2016; and completed your 7 day switch by 18th Feb 2016; and be eligible for our £100 switch offer for this switch; and
    • be at least 18 years old by 19th October 2015; and
    • Live in England, Wales or Scotland and be entered in our account records as living in one of those places as at 19th February 2016.
  11. Customers who are not included

  12. You are not eligible for the Draw if you are an employee of any company in the Lloyds Banking Group or if you become an employee of any company in the Lloyds Banking Group in the period between 19th October 2015 and 31st January 2016.
  13. Due to current legislation, we are unable to include anyone in the Draw who lives in Northern Ireland as at 19th February 2016; however, if this legislation does change at any time between 19th October 2015 and 31st January 2016, we will automatically enter qualifying Northern Irish residents into the Draw.
  14. If you initiate a switch within the qualifying window of 19th October 2015 and 31st January 2016 but advise us to start your 7 day switch after 31st January 2016 you will be excluded from the draw.
  15. The Draw and how it works

  16. The Draw will be held on 19th February 2016. We will randomly select customers (“potential winners”) for all prizes from amongst those customers who:
    • Have not opted out of the Draw in accordance with Rule 3 or Rule 4;
    • Appear to satisfy all of the entrance requirements in Rule 7 as at 19th February 2016; and
    • Who are not excluded by Rules 8 and/or Rule 9.
  17. In all matters relating to the Draw, our decision is final and we will not respond to further questions or queries. We do not accept any liability for any letters or communications lost, damaged or delayed in transit.
  18. If the Draw cannot take place on 19th February 2016 and is not cancelled under Rule 16, it will take place as soon as is reasonably possible afterwards.
  19. If mistakes are made

  20. We try our best to make sure that our records are correct and that all qualifying customers have been entered into the Draw. However, it is possible that, in a small number of cases, a qualifying customer may be entered more than once, or not entered at all.
  21. Where a qualifying customer is entered more than once, we will not be responsible in any way to other entrants. But, we’ll take reasonable steps to prevent a customer from winning more than one prize. If, for whatever reason, a qualifying customer is left out of the Draw, we will not be responsible to them for any potential win they could have had.
  22. We will also not be responsible to any qualifying customer if the Draw cannot go ahead, is delayed or cancelled because of a legal or regulatory issue, a systems failure, or for any cause beyond our reasonable control.
  23. Announcing the winners

  24. Within 30 days of the date of the Draw, where we can, we will send a recorded delivery letter to potential winners who have been selected and checked against our records in accordance with Rules 7, 8 and 9.  We will use the last known postal address that we have in our records – unless post has been returned from this address.  We may also try to contact potential winners by other means, such as telephone or email, where we have these details.
  25. To make sure you don’t miss out, it’s important that you tell us as soon as possible if you change your address.

  26. Before we pay out any prize money, potential winners must provide reasonable proof of their identity, age and address as at 19th February 2016. We will also require winners or their representative to attend one of our branches to collect any prize and verify their details. Prizes will be paid within one month of us being able to contact potential winners or their representatives and confirming that they are qualifying customers.
  27. If we pay a prize to a person who falsely claims to be a winner, they are liable to pay back the prize money to us – as well as any extra costs, losses, damages and expenses experienced on our part, including any costs or other amounts we suffer in paying out the prize again to a genuine winner.
  28. When we have reason to believe that a winning customer may not be able to look after their financial affairs, we may ask for guidance from the Office of the Public Guardian or a court as to how and to whom the payment should be made. Our final decision will take into account the type of authority any representative has, the amount of the prize and the terms of any relevant court order. We shall be entitled to follow the advice of the Office of the Public Guardian and will follow the judgment of any court and will not be responsible for any loss suffered by the winner or a representative as a result.
  29. If a qualifying customer, who we have selected as a potential winner of a prize, has died at any time before we are due to pay it, whether before or after the Draw has taken place, we will allow the personal representative of that customer to claim the prize on behalf of their estate. To do this, the personal representative must show us proof of authority to act – such as letters of administration, a grant of probate or such other documents we consider sufficient – to prove that they are entitled to receive the prize.
  30. We may ask the winners to take part in further publicity, but they do not have to agree to do this.
  31. We will make a list of all winners available on request from our branch and telephony colleagues, which will show a list of all 215 prizes and whether they have been claimed or not. Winners will be referred to by their name and their county of residence.
  32. Unclaimed Prizes

  33. If we are unable to make contact with a potential winner, or having made contact with a potential winner, we discover that they are not a qualifying customer or have been unable to provide the details we require or have failed to attend at our branch as required by Rule 18, we will donate the unclaimed prize to a charity or charities supported by Lloyds Banking Group. If a potential winner, who would have been a qualifying customer at the time we attempted to contact them, attempts to claim a prize six months or more after the Draw and there is reasonable justification for the delay, we may decide to award the prize, but we do not have to do so.
  34. The promoter

  35. Bank of Scotland plc is the promoter of the Draw. Its registered office is at The Mound, Edinburgh, EH1 1YZ.

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1 We use a range of third party providers for the Ultimate Reward Current Account benefits. For full details of the benefits, policies, account terms and conditions and the range of third party providers we use, please read the Getting Started Guide (PDF).

2 The Ultimate Reward Current Account will cost £15 a month. However, if in the previous calendar month you pay in £750 or more and pay out at least 2 different direct debits and remain in credit you'll pay the lower monthly account fee of £10. You'll also need to keep your account open/not change it to a different type of current account until the fee is due to be debited (by the second working day of the following calendar month).

Whether you can have an overdraft and the amount will depend upon your personal circumstances at the time you apply for one. Any overdraft we agree is subject to status. Overdrafts are repayable on demand.

Halifax current accounts and services are offered subject to status. Available only to personal customers aged 18 or over who are resident in the UK. We subscribe to The Lending Code.

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