Paper-free statements

By opting to not receive paper statements you can manage your finances without the clutter of paper documents.

Eligible accounts

You can choose to opt out of paper statements for banking and savings accounts except for:

  • ISA's
  • Web Savers (including Fixed)


Registering for paper-free

From the ‘My accounts’ page

  • Select the account you wish to update
  • At the bottom of the statement tab click on the ‘Go paperless’ link
  • Select ‘Yes’
  • Click ‘update settings’
  • Confirm you agree with the terms and conditions
  • Enter your password.

Requesting a paper copy of your statement
You can request paper statements if you need them.  If you have suppressed your paper statements and have not previously received the specific statement you are requesting,  there will be no charge for this.

If a holder of a joint account selects to go paper-free, no paper statements will be sent to either of the account holders.

Your new settings will be updated within 36 hours.  If any documents are pending dispatch, these will be sent as normal by post.  Future statements will then be Paper-free.

Why not view our Paper-free service demo.

Our paperfree demo can be found in 'Your statements' within the Managing your accounts section of the demo.


Viewing/printing your statements

Statements will be presented in html format. You can organise your statements by printing them, or by downloading them with money management tools.  This helps you keep them organised and prevents statements being lost or misplaced.

If you do require a printed copy, simply click 'print' at the bottom of your viewed statement.


Switching between Paper-free and postal delivery settings

You can switch your statement settings at any time between paper-free and postal delivery. For some savings accounts, you will not be able to opt back into the Paper-free service once opted out.  For the period you’ve opted out of paper-free, you will receive statements via the post.

Please note - you can only reinstate or opt out of paper statements four times in a 12 month period.


Money management software

Your Paper-free statements are compatible with Microsoft Money and with spreadsheet software which accepts the .csv file format, for example Microsoft Excel.  

For more information about these, visit or

To import your statements into these software packages, select the account from which you want to download your information. At the bottom of the page, select a date from the drop down menu that corresponds with the period of statement information you're interested in. Once the relevant information is displayed, scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Export'.


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