If you live in an area prone to flooding you should consider stocking up on sandbags. They don’t cost a lot, but will provide valuable protection against floodwaters. You can find a list of suppliers by visiting http://www.floodforum.org.uk/


If you are caught in a flood situation, put sandbags outside your doors, airbricks and windows.  You can also use them to weigh down any items inside your home that are too heavy to take upstairs.


Plug all of your sinks and baths and put a sandbag in your downstairs loo to stop sewage coming back through it.


Once you've done this turn off gas, electricity and water supplies at the mains. As well as your furniture and precious possessions, unplug all your electrical items and store upstairs.


It's a good idea to collect important documentation in a safe place upstairs. This includes your insurance documents and helpline numbers, plus personal telephone book for relatives and friends and a local directory for contacting tradesmen and the emergency services.


It pays to keep up to date with the weather, visit the Met Office website www.metoffice.gov.uk. to get the latest news.


Better still register with the Environment Agency' flood warning service, it's free and easy to set up. You'll also find information about what to do before and after a flood. Visit http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk


Our top tip – plan ahead - make sure you know where electricity and gas is turned off, check you have adequate insurance cover and know who to call if the worst happens.