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You can now activate Account Alerts using our Mobile Banking app and we’ll send you notifications based on your account activity, including:

  • Outgoing payments - regular payments leaving your account
  • Incoming payments - when money has been paid in
  • Spending summary - a weekly summary of your debit card spending

Download our Mobile Banking app to use this service.

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How to activate mobile notifications

Step 1 - Mobile app notifications

Step 1

In the Mobile Banking app, choose ‘Settings and Info’ from the main menu at the top right of your screen.

Step 2 - mobile app notifications

Step 2

Select ‘Notifications’ in the ‘Settings and Info’ menu.

Step 3 - mobile app notifications

Step 3

To activate Account Alerts, ensure the toggle is turned to green.

Some important things to bear in mind:

  • To receive notifications, you’ll have to have to have data enabled. This also means that when you’re abroad, you’ll only receive notifications if you have roaming enabled, or when you connect to Wi-Fi. Your mobile network may charge you for roaming services, so please check with them.
  • If you decide you no longer want to receive notifications, you can switch some or all of them off in the app. We’ll send you the notifications you’ve chosen to  activate and we might occasionally send you service information. We won’t use notifications for marketing messages.
  • If you delete and reinstall the app, or switch to a different device, you’ll need to enable notifications again.

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