Extra easy online banking is here

Your new Online Banking is here and we’ve started moving customers over already. With a fresh new look and faster access to the things you do the most, we’re sure you’ll find Online Banking easier than ever.

If you haven’t been moved over already, you can start using the new design today in just a few steps:

  1. Sign in to Online Banking
  2. Select the banner at the top of your homepage
  3. Take a tour of the changes and choose to start using the new design.
    • 1.
      What is changing?

      A fresh new look and easier navigation will make it easier to find the things you do most often and discover features you may not have used before.

      You’ll also notice larger buttons that make Online Banking easier to use on a touch screen device.

      You can make quick transfers between your accounts and pay existing recipients, all from your Online Banking homepage.

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      Why the change?

      We’re always looking for ways to improve your Online Banking experience.

      With the increasing popularity of touch screen devices and a growing list of new Online Banking functions, the time is right to refresh the design.

      Online Banking is based on feedback from our customers and we’re always keen to hear what you think. If you have a comment or question, look for the feedback button at the top of the new Online Banking homepage.

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      When is the change happening?

      We’re giving all customers plenty of notice of the change followed by a period where you can be one of the first to move to the new design.

      All customers will be moved over to the new design in the weeks following the launch. We’ll let you know when this has happened.

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    • 4.
      What does it look like?

      Take a look at our overview and watch the video to get a first look at the new look Online Banking.

      When you sign in to new look Online Banking you’ll see a short tour to help you find your way around.

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    • 5.
      What will stay the same?

      The design of Online Banking is changing, but:

      • Your personal sign in details will stay the same
      • You’ll recognise your accounts in a familiar place on the homepage
      • You’ll still be protected by the latest security measures
      • You’ll carry out your day-to-day banking tasks in a familiar way.
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    • 6.
      Will the changes affect how I sign in?

      The design of the sign in page will change, but your personal sign in details will not be affected.

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    • 7.
      Is the app changing?

      No, these changes won’t affect our latest Android and iPhone Mobile Banking apps.

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    • 8.
      Where can I get help?

      Once you have moved over to the new design, you’ll have access to tutorials and other support material to help you find your way around.

      If you are having problems and can’t find the answers you need in our Help centre, you can always contact us.

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The changes at a glance

  • A fresh new design makes it easier to discover new features and helps you find the things you do most often.
  • The new ‘More actions’ button gives you quick access to tasks like managing Direct Debits and setting up standing orders.
  • View your full available balance and make payments and transfers directly from your Online Banking homepage.
  • Designed to be easier to use on touch screen devices.

Your sign in details won’t change, but the design of the sign in page will be updated. Your accounts will remain in a familiar place on the homepage, and we’ll continue to use the latest security measures to protect your money and your personal information.

The changes in detail

Check balance and view transactions

There is more information on your new Online Banking homepage, which shows your full available balance including any overdraft facility.

Click on the ‘View statement’ button for access to your transaction history. Once there, you can search for a transaction with a handy link on the top of the page. Use 'More actions' for access to your Online Banking account features, such as standing orders and Direct Debits. The rest of your statement will look very familiar.

Make payments to friends and family, or pay bills and companies

As well as being able to make quick transfers between your accounts, you can make payments to people or companies you’ve paid before from the homepage.

You’ll see a list of all your existing payees, and you can schedule a payment from any of your accounts. Then simply enter the payment amount and click 'Continue’.

Quick access to your account features

The ‘More actions’ button gives you quick access to more of your Online Banking features and account information.

For example, you can use the new ‘More actions’ button to access your Direct Debits and standing orders.

Banking on a mobile device

The new design will adapt to fit the screen you are using, for a better experience on touch screen devices.

There will be no changes to our latest Halifax Android and iPhone Mobile Banking apps.

Find new products and services

You can find more information about our products and services on the left of the account summary page.

We’ve grouped products into sections to make it easier to find a product that meets your needs, with our featured products towards the top.

For more information view our frequently asked questions.