Online Banking Travel Money quick guide.

With our Online Banking service you can do much more than just view your account balance. Such as ordering Travel Money using your Halifax current account.

Here’s a quick guide on how to order your Travel Money.

Sign into Online Banking

Sign into Online Banking and you’ll be shown your Account Overview page. Choose ‘Travel Money’ from the ‘Products and Services’ section and you’ll be taken to the ‘Order Travel Money’ page.

My accounts screen

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Order Travel Money

Once on the ‘Order Travel Money’ page, choose what you’d like to order.. You have a choice to order ‘Cash’ or ‘Travellers Cheques’.

If you wish to order both cash and travellers cheques, you can add more items to your order once you’re on the ‘order summary’ page.

My accounts screen

Select the country (currency) and the amount you’d like to order, then click ‘Continue’.

Order Travel Money

Order summary

On the ‘My order summary’ screen, you can edit, add or delete order items. Your order can contain a mix of both cash and travellers cheques.

So, you could these options for example, to edit your order amount for each item, add another currency or add another product such as travellers cheques.

Click ‘Continue’ once you are happy with your order summary to go to the ‘delivery options’ page.

Order summary screen

Delivery options

Here, you can choose how you wish to receive your Travel Money. This can be either to your home address or to be collected at a branch of your choice.

Click ‘Deliver to this address’ if you want delivery to use your home address or you can ‘Find a branch’ where you’d like to collect your order.

Once you have selected your delivery options, you can choose your payment options on the ‘payment details’ page.

Delivery options screen

Payment details

Once you’ve chosen your delivery option, you can then select how you wish to pay for your Travel Money order..

You can choose from any of your current accounts which are already listed on your Online Banking ‘My accounts list’. Please make sure have the right balance in your account to pay for your order.

Select the account you wish to pay with then click ‘Continue’ to go to the ‘order confirmation’ page where you can confirm all you’re your details before completing your order.

Payment details screen

Order confirmation

You’ve chosen all your options for your Travel Money - now you are now ready to confirm your order.

Confirm you’ve read the Terms and Conditions, then enter your password and click ‘Confirm order’.

Order confirmation screen

You’ll then be shown the confirmation screen for your order and this will also include ‘Your order reference’ which you can keep for your records.

Order successful screen

Travel Money

See the Travel Money section if you need to know more.