6 ways your contactless card could save the day

Remember when running out of cash spelled disaster? Thanks to contactless, rummaging around for cash is a thing of the past.

When it comes to simplifying your life, swapping cash for contactless is an easy win. It’s speedy, secure – and you might be pleasantly surprised by just how many places accept contactless.

We’ve picked out six of the many situations where you’ll notice the brilliant benefits of contactless technology:

Step 1

When you’re travelling on public transport

The days of needing to carry around stacks of tickets and travel cards – along with a pocketful of change – are on the way out.

Today in most major cities, paying to travel is as simple as tapping your contactless card in and out at tube ticket barriers, or tapping once as you hop on the bus.

For daily or weekly travel using contactless could save you money too, because companies like Transport for London will always charge you the lowest possible price for your journey.

Step 2

When you forget to pay for parking

So, you’re stuck in a long queue to leave a car park, when suddenly you remember: you’ve forgotten to pay for parking. We’ve all been there.

However, with contactless, that’s one less stress you need to deal with – many car park ticket barriers now accept contactless payments. Just insert your parking ticket, tap your card to pay the balance and you’re good to go.

In fact, this often works out quicker than queuing up for the payment terminals – and it means you don’t have to hang around searching for coins.

Although not all car park barriers have adopted contactless technology yet, they’re proving increasingly popular, so we reckon they’ll be popping up at a car park near you soon.

Step 3

When you need to use the bathroom

If you need the toilet when you’re out and about, there’s nothing worse than finding you’re stuck without change for the barrier.

Luckily, many public toilets across the UK now accept contactless payments. Just tap, and you’re in.

That’s bad news for anyone who manufactures 50p change machines – but good news for anyone who needs to spend a penny...

Step 4

When you don’t have change for the ice cream van

Here’s another situation we won’t miss: It’s a lovely day at the park and you see a sign for ice cream up ahead, but you’ve got no change.

With many smaller businesses starting to join the contactless revolution, even your local ice cream seller could now accept contactless payments. So you might never again find yourself having to coax a tearful child away from the ice cream van. 

Step 5

When you need to get a cab

You never know when you’ll need a taxi – or how much it’ll cost. So you’ll be happy to hear that taxis all across the UK are introducing contactless card machines. Which means no more driving around trying to find a cash point, watching the meter as your fare increases. Plus, some contactless machines will even let you tip your driver – so everybody wins.

Step 6

When you find yourself in the middle of nowhere

The contactless movement has spread nationwide, to the point where some of the country’s most remote and rural businesses now accept contactless payments. You’ll find contactless terminals in convenience stores in Orkney or at amusements in Devon – and even at the summit of Mount Snowdon.

Who knew? Well, now you do – so you can embrace your next adventure, without worrying about how you’ll pay for whatever you need next. 

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