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Monday - off to work

Travel's easy with contactless: in many areas across the country, you can pay for your bus, train or tram journey with your contactless card.

Stay safe when you're travelling: wherever you use your contactless card, your payments will be protected.

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Tuesday - spending with small businesses

From florists to ice-cream vans, many small independent businesses now accept contactless payments. Bakeries take the biscuit when it comes to contactless, with 2/3 of their transactions being contactless in 2017.

Download the Halifax Mobile Banking app to keep track of your everyday spending.


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Wednesday - do good, feel good

It's now easy to donate to good causes using contactless. In fact, studies have shown that donors give more on average with their contactless card.

In 2017, we partnered with Cardnet and The Royal British Legion to take contactless donations for the Poppy Appeal.


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Thursday - It's a kind of magic

Here's a handy trick: did you know, if you want to form a new habit, Thursday's the best day of the week to start? So, why not add contactless to your routine and see for yourself how safe and easy it is to use.

Contactless uses the same security technology as Chip & PIN and your money is protected.

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Friday - bring on Black Friday

Stores are now able to shrink their queues faster thanks to contactless. This is helping to make sure events like Black Friday are here to stay on the British high street. 

It takes just 0.5 seconds to tap and go with contactless - that's 15 seconds faster than paying with cash.

Source: BBC 2

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Saturday - out and about

In 2017, almost half of all payments in UK pubs and restaurants were made with contactless cards.

Contactless payments in restaurants have more than doubled since the limit was increased to £30.


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Sunday - off the beaten track

You can now use contactless to buy hotdogs at school fetes, top up the car's petrol for a day trip - and even pay for coffee at the top of Mount Snowdon.

Now you know how safe and easy contactless can be, why not give it a go today?

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