£5 Cashback offer
Step 1

Pay 5 times with your contactless card

Simply use your Halifax Visa Debit Card to make 5 contactless payments between 8th February and 15th March 2019 to pay for items up to £30. Exclusions apply. See Terms and Conditions below.

Step 2

When will I get my £5 cashback?

We’ll pop £5 back into your current account before the end of April, as long as you’ve qualified by making 5 eligible contactless payments.  It’s then yours to spend on whatever you fancy.

Step 3

Checking your account

The £5 cashback will show up as ‘Contactless Cashback’ in your Halifax current account or on your statement. Remember, you can use our Mobile Banking app to see any contactless payments you’ve made, and also see the cashback reward.

Step 4

Where can I use my contactless debit card?

With over 400,000 locations across the UK now accepting contactless payments, it couldn’t be easier. Just look out for the contactless symbol. contactless symbol

Step 5

Ready to go contactless?

If you haven’t tried contactless before, all you have to do is tap your card against the reader. You’ll hear a beep that tells you your payment has been made securely. If you have a new card you'll need your PIN for the first transaction to activate the contactless functionality. Contactless uses the same security technology as Chip & PIN and your money is protected.

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This cashback offer is only available to people who received the invitational email.