Teen Money Smart Spending

Smart spending

Watch our teen money vlogs to learn how spending smarter starts with thinking smarter.

How not to get ripped off

Tips on how not to get ripped off:

  1. Don’t make snap decisions
  2. Don’t be pressured into buying
  3. Don’t assume you’re getting the best deal
  4. Always shop around

How I spent my week

Tips on how to keep track of your spending:

  1. Avoid buying stuff you don’t need
  2. Wait for sales when it comes to the bigger things on your wish list
  3. Watch out for all those small purchases – they soon add up
  4. Use mobile banking to check your balance regularly

Scrimping challenge

Tips on how to get value for your money:

  1. Set a budget (and stick to it)
  2. Consider vintage or ‘pre-loved’ items for something unique and lower in price
  3. Always shop around

Spend smarter – smoothie challenge

Tips on how to make your money go further:

  1. Think about a budget in advance
  2. Take your time to find the best deals
  3. Use mobile banking to track your spending

Online safety

Watch our Teen Money vlogs to learn how being safe online and on social media starts with just a few simple steps.

Guess my password challenge

Password do’s:

  1. Create a strong password
  2. Use a different password for every website

Password don’ts:

  1. Never use obvious passwords, such as favourite pets or bands
  2. Never use number or letter sequences, such as ‘QWERTY’ or ‘123456’
  3. Never share your passwords with anyone else, including friends and family

More advice on passwords

Don’t get scammed!

Tips on how to stay safe online:

  1. Install anti-virus software and keep it up to date
  2. Be careful not to click on links in suspicious emails and pop-up windows
  3. Use passwords which aren't easy to guess...and never share them with anyone
  4. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Snooping challenge

Tips on how to keep your personal details safe when using social media:

  1. Make your accounts private
  2. Don’t include personal information in usernames or bios
  3. Beware of sharing location information