What will you use your card for?

From car hire and trips to the waterpark, to lunch out and drinks by the pool, your Halifax Visa debit card lets you make quick and secure payments on the go, for a small charge per transaction. So much easier – and safer – than carrying lots of travel money.

Use your debit card wherever you see the Visa sign – at over 44 million places in 200 countries.

Get familiar with the charges for using your debit card outside the UK

You’ll be charged a couple of fees on every purchase.

Foreign currency transaction fee
A percentage of the cost, added to each purchase you make.

Foreign currency purchase fee
A flat fee, so no matter the cost of your purchase, you’ll be charged the same amount.  So you decide when to pay with your Halifax Visa debit card or when to pay with your travel money.

Know the cost of using your card outside the UK

If you purchased four entry tickets to a water park worth £100, you’d pay a £2.99 (2.99%) foreign currency transaction fee and a 50p purchase fee, totalling £103.49.

For drinks and snacks worth £30, you’d pay a 90p (2.99%) foreign currency transaction fee and a 50p purchase fee, totalling £31.40.

For two coffees worth £4, you’d pay 12p (2.99%) foreign currency transaction fee and a 50p purchase fee, totalling £4.62.

Or for lunch on the beach worth £10 you’d pay 30p (2.99%) foreign currency transaction fee and a 50p purchase fee, totalling £10.80.

See the full costs breakdown.

Say ‘yes’ to local currency

If you're ever asked if you want to pay in the local currency or sterling when using your Halifax Visa debit card, choose local currency to save money on extra local currency conversion charges.

Withdrawing cash outside the UK may cost you more

Paying with your Halifax Visa debit card is usually cheaper than using it to withdraw money from an ATM outside the UK*. If you take out cash with your debit card you will be charged fees, which may be higher than when paying with your card.

If you do decide to withdraw cash, it’s worth checking the overseas ATM withdrawal limit so you know how much you can take out before attempting to withdraw any cash. Also use ATMs with the Visa logo, in well-lit and busy areas, preferably attached to established banks‘.

Avoid left over travel money

It’s good to have some travel money to pay for ice creams and drinks when you’re abroad, but for many, especially if you’re going all inclusive, you probably won’t need as much as you think. The temptation is if you’ve got it, you’ll end up spending it at the airport on things you really don’t need.

Top tip is avoid exchanging currency while you’re at the airport or outside the UK because they often have higher exchange rates and can carry commission fees.

Going abroad? You no longer need to tell us

Our fraud and security systems are always keeping an eye on your account to check for any suspicious spending, so you can relax whether you’re at home or abroad.

Check your details

Make sure we’ve got the right phone number and email address for you in case we need to get in touch about your account. You can update your details in branch

Keep our 24/7 emergency numbers handy

If your Halifax Visa debit card is lost or stolen while you’re abroad, call us on:
+44 113 242 8196

If your Halifax Visa debit card is declined, there are transactions you don’t recognise or if you need a new PIN, call:
+44 113 242 1984

These calls will be charged at the telephone service provider’s published tariff.

Get the mobile banking app

Stick to your holiday budget by checking your money on the go. Just make sure you use it while you’re on a secure WiFi connection, otherwise you could have roaming charges from your phone provider.

Find out more about the  mobile banking app and how to download it.

*If you use your debit card to withdraw cash from an ATM in a currency other than pounds, or to withdraw cash in pounds outside the UK, the amount is converted to pounds on the day it is processed by Visa using the Visa Payment Scheme Exchange Rate. We will charge you a foreign currency transaction fee of 2.99% of the amount of the transaction and foreign currency cash fee of £1.50 for each withdrawal. Where you elect to allow cash machine operators to make the conversion to pounds for you, we will only charge a foreign cash fee of £1.50 for each withdrawal. The provider of the foreign currency may make a separate charge for conversion.

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