Autism or learning disability.

In branch

You can take the time you need to be confident about doing your banking in a branch. We're happy to make a longer appointment for you if you'd like one. Call us or ask a branch colleague and we will arrange this for you.

If you have a support worker, they can come to your appointment too. We will always try to meet you in a private and quiet place if you prefer.

In writing

We have to use banking words and phrases in a lot of our letters and other paperwork. We explain what many of these mean, in a series of articles and videos called 'Money Explained'. You can find these on our website. Or ask to see them in branch.

Easy Read bank statements

We can give you Easy Read bank statements. These use pictures and simple words to help make the meaning plain. You can have current and savings account statements in this format.

At the cash machine

You can select the audio function on a Halifax ATM to have what's on the screen read out to you. This can help if you find it hard to follow directions in writing.

We’re also putting in Talking ATMs as we replace older cash machines. With a Talking ATM you can plug in your headphones and listen to the instructions on the screen.

Ask a branch colleague or call us to find your nearest Talking ATM.

The keypads and screens on all our cash machines (ATMs) are also clear and easy to use. We use the Centre for Accessible Environments to design them.

Our promise

Our promise is to do our best to resolve any problems you have. If you wish to complain visit your local branch or call 0800 072 9779 or 0113 366 0167.

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