Mental health conditions

Mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression, show themselves in many ways and are different for everyone. 

Here are some of the ways we aim to meet the broad needs of those with mental health conditions when you visit us in branch.

  • We can arrange longer appointment times for you. You don't need to say why. Just let us know when you call us or visit a branch to book your appointment. One of our colleagues will arrange this for you.
  • You can have your appointment in a private and quiet meeting room.
  • If you have a support worker, they are welcome to come to your appointment with you. We will always try to carry out your meeting in a room that’s private and quiet if you ask us to.
  • You can take paperwork home to read and decide in your own time. You can then come back to complete what you wanted to do.

Need extra help?

These services are helpful with most types of mental health conditions. We also have other services or aids that may be useful. If you are unsure of something or need any extra help, please tell us. We will listen and help as best we can.

Our promise

Our promise is to do our best to resolve any problems you have. If you wish to complain visit your local branch or call 0800 072 9779 or 0113 366 0167.