10 ways to freshen up your home without breaking the bank.

If you’re not feeling the love for your home – even at its sparkling, gleaming best – maybe it’s time to think about changing a few things up.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant, there are loads of fun and easy ways to transform your home without breaking open the piggy bank.

Step 1

Switch up your appliances

A new toaster, kettle and microwave can revolutionise the way your kitchen works and looks. Just remember to keep the style of all your appliances neatly coordinated.

Step 2

Update your cupboard fronts

A lick of paint and some new handles can make a world of difference to solid wooden doors (muted natural colours are where it’s at this year). You can also buy all-new fronts for a fraction of the cost of a whole kitchen.

Step 3

Sit somewhere sensational

Tired old furniture will make even the most contemporary kitchen feel drab and dated. So why not paint each chair a different colour to create a fresh modern vibe? If you’re feeling super playful, go for the dip-dyed look by painting the legs a contrasting colour.

Step 4

Bring the outside in

House plants create a relaxing atmosphere and improve the air quality in your home. To stay bang on trend, pick a variety of smaller plants and scatter them around your shelves and sills. Just remember to check how much water and light each plant needs to stay happy.

Cacti plant
Step 5

Make your old sofa new

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to put your feet up. Some new throws and cushions will make your tatty old sofa as good as new in minutes. Go for soft materials and natural colours to create the perfect snuggle spot to relax at the end of the day.

Step 6

Wall for one

Decorating a whole room is a big job so keep it simple and focus on just one wall. And because you’re not going big, you can go bold. Try midnight blue for a stylish after-dark atmosphere or vivid wallpaper for a fun daytime room.

Step 7

Tap into some luxury

A new bathroom is a big investment. But you can make a visual splash with some super-stylish fixtures like showerheads and taps for a whole lot less.

Step 8

Redo between the lines

Over time, the grout between bathroom tiles loses its sparkle and sheen. Thankfully, it doesn’t take long to remove and replace the top layer and bring back that brand-new bathroom look.

Step 9

Spread the word

A stylish bedspread can instantly transform your bedroom. Think about getting one to bring a new statement colour into the room. If you’ve already got one, how about changing it for a new complementary colour?

Step 10

Storage is king

It’s hard to create a relaxing or romantic atmosphere when you’re surrounded by clutter. So why not create a stylish box seat from a storage trunk covered in cushions? The perfect place to hide your winter clothes during the summer months!

Planning on doing some larger work to your home?

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