What's the Community Forum all about?

We're always looking for ways to improve our Online Banking experience by listening to customers. So, we've launched a new online space where you can tell us what you think about some of the ideas and improvements we're exploring for our Online Banking service - and we'd love you to be one of the first to test it out.

How to get involved

It's really easy to join the Forum - all you need is your email address and a secure password. When you're registered, you'll be able to check out our ideas and let us know if you like them or not. We'll then take the favourites forward to potentially develop in future. We might also get in touch and invite you to come and share your experience of using our Online Banking services with us in person.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Forum today and help us shape tomorrow's Online Banking.

Protecting our Halifax Community Forum users

Our community is based on respect

We won’t publish posts that could cause damage to our users, other members of the public or other companies or institutions.

To make sure your future posts are accepted:

  • Stay safe online - Make sure you don’t publish personal information like your email, phone number or address.
  • Keep it positive - Steer clear of posts that might insult or harm other people, companies or institutions.
  • Stay relevant - We want to know what you think about our online features. Unfortunately the forum isn’t designed to deal with customer service issues.

Register for the Community Forum

Our full privacy notice

It is important that you understand how the personal information you give us will be used. Therefore, we strongly advise that you read our Full Privacy Notice, which you can find on our Privacy Page or you can ask us for a copy.