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Two experts on how to build career-boosting skills, or achieve financial independence

Corinne Mills

Corinne Mills is a leading career coach, Managing Director of Personal Career Management, and the author of ‘You’re Hired! How to write a brilliant CV’ and ‘Career Coach’.

Invest in yourself by Corinne Mills

You don’t need a New Year for a new you. Learning a new skill or upskilling existing ones is something you can start anytime, anywhere.

Signing up for adult learning courses could help you get promoted, make a career switch, build some new life skills, or even just boost your confidence. And it needn’t take up all your free time or cost the earth – it might not even cost you a penny.

Barney Whiter

Barney Whiter – The Escape Artist – is the author of a blog dedicated to financial freedom. He writes about making money work hard for you, rather than you always having to work hard for your money.

Your Step by Step Guide to FIRE by Barney Whiter

In a world where people are living and working longer, the idea of early retirement has risen in popularity. Driven by millennials and online communities, the Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) movement looks at how aggressive saving and canny investments can enable the goal of early retirement.

Financial independence means you never have to work again (but you can carry on if you want to!).

Getting there is a bit like building a house… yes, it’s a big job, but it’s possible if you take it one brick at a time. Small steps over time can add up to big results.

Here are three ways you can start the journey and take the steps you need to maximise your earnings, minimise your spending and look into ways you could grow your money.

Get started!

These baby steps can add up over time to create amazing results. Remember: the most important thing is to get started!

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