How Financially Fit Are You?

    How well you’re doing depends on the lifestyle you’re happy with. But there are rules of thumb you can use to see if your money is in good shape.

    Manage day-to-day

    To be in peak financial fitness you should:

    Spend about 50% of your income on set payments, 30% on costs that vary, and put 20% into savings.

    Protect what matters

    To be in peak financial fitness you should:

    Know what your insurance policies cover you for. You should feel confident that you’re covered in case the worst happens.

    Plan for the future

    To be in peak financial fitness you should:

    Be comfortable with the income you’ll receive from your pension and any contribution schemes when you retire.

    Managing money can be tricky.

    By improving your financial fitness, you will be better prepared for the future. If you want to check your finances to make sure they’re as healthy as can be, we can help.

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