What’s your money personality?

Money. It’s part of who we are. So why not get to know ourselves a little better? Take our quiz below to reveal your money personality – and a few tips just for you.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Answer these questions and count how many As, Bs and Cs you get to reveal your money personality.

Q1: Everyone’s got a part to play in household finances. What’s yours?

A) Research, research, research – I crunch the numbers.

B) Time is money – I’ll make a fast decision.

C) Bargain-hunter extraordinaire.

Q2: What’s your take on budgeting?

A) I love a good spreadsheet. I know exactly what I spend and where.

B) I’m more interested in the big picture. I don’t pay much attention to the little details, to be honest.

C) I love the challenge of finding ways to trim the budget.

Q3: You’ve spotted the perfect new TV – but it’s way over budget. Do you:

A) Go home and research a good alternative.

B) Go for it! It’s ideal and seems like a fair price.

C) Haggle on the price. You never know.

Q4: A friend suggests a fabulous holiday. What do you say?

A) Let me look into the budget and check the reviews.

B) I’m in – I need a holiday!

C) I’ve snapped up some cheap flights. Let’s do it!

Almost there! Tally up your score to discover your money personality. (If you have a tie, check both – you can pick from two sets of tips.)