Time saving tips - that could also save you money

Time is precious. We could all do with a little more of it. So here are five easy ways to spend a bit less time on day-to-day tasks and free yourself up for the things you enjoy – whether that’s out seeing the world or spending some quality time at home or in the garden. You could even save a little money along the way.

Step 1

Park like a local

Spend less time hunting for a parking space – and potentially less money – by looking into websites that advertise parking spaces. You can often find off and on-street spots listed by local residents and businesses that you wouldn’t normally be able to use. You can even book ahead so you know exactly where to go and how much it costs.

Step 2

Follow the bargain-hunters

Social media can often use up time rather than save it– but it’s full of handy ideas if you know where to look. Why not follow bargain-hunting experts and let them do the hard work finding sales, discounts and money-saving tips for you? Follow your favourite shops on social media, too. You might get a head start on their next sale.

Step 3

Catch the right coupons

Voucher codes and coupons are great money-savers, but finding good ones can take time. Signing up to discount sites is a handy shortcut. Many major brands have their own outlet or discount sites with free samples and offers, and there are also lots of independent sites that share voucher codes and deals, sometimes on a daily basis. For example, sites like Groupon or Wowcher are popular for offers on anything from household goods to spa treatments and holidays.

Step 4

Pick up your PC’s pace

Whether you’re shopping online or managing household admin, if your computer works in slow motion so will you. There are a couple of things you could try:

• Test your broadband speed. You can usually do this on your broadband provider’s website, but you can also use independent sites. If you’re not getting what your provider promises, ask them to find a fix or reduce your bills.
• If your computer is getting slower as it ages, upgrading memory could be a much cheaper option than a replacement.

Step 5

Bank on the go

You can keep your banking quick and easy and still have a close eye on your money. Here’s a couple of everyday time-savers:
• Grab a pint of milk on the way home, and zip through the checkout with a contactless payment.

• Multi-task with online banking. Check your balance or pay a bill while you watch TV.

It all adds up

Won back a little time? Before you put your feet up, how about spending a couple of minutes reading some speedy money-saving tips: