Say hello to smarter living

Smart tech

What is smart tech? It can be little internet-connected gadgets around your home that make life easier. Or it can be applications (or apps) on your phone that let you dim the lights or dispense your dog’s dinner while you’re still out. It can manage your home, your life and your money – and tell you if you’re going to need an umbrella. Here’s how it could make your world a little smarter.

Smart start

Not sure where to start? Thinking room by room can help. You could get a smart speaker for the living room, a smart monitor for a child’s room, or connected appliances for the kitchen. What would help you most, and suit your budget? Think about entertainment value – but also whether smart tech could help you save or manage money.

Smart energy savers

Smart thermostats which you can manage from an app on your phone can help keep you cosy and cut your bills. Say your plans change and you’re out later than expected – use the app to avoid heating an empty home. This could save you money in the long run, but they can be pricey to install.

Smart plugs are a budget alternative. For around £20 you can turn any appliance, even a kettle or a toaster, into a connected one. You can turn them on or off remotely and monitor energy use –  you might be surprised how much your TV uses on standby.

Your digital assistant

A virtual assistant can free up your hands and your time. While you’re busy making dinner, it can read out the recipe, play you a song, give you a weather forecast or keep the kids occupied with a fun quiz.

A handy reminder

Your virtual assistant can also remind you when an important date is coming up, like a birthday or a holiday payment. But you don’t need extra gadgets to keep track of your money. With mobile alerts, we can send a text straight to your smartphone if you’re close to your account limit to help you avoid unplanned overdrafts.

Smart tech to go?

It’s not just smart homes. There’s tech for when you’re out and about too.

  • Long commute? Learn a language or use a productivity tool to plan your week with AI-powered smart apps.
  • On a fitness kick? Your smart watch could tell you when you’ve hit your target.
  • Driving? Ask for directions with a voice-activated smart car device.
  • Check your balance or make a payment with our mobile banking app, whether you’re on the couch, the beach or on the train.

Stay safe

There are many smart tech ways to stay safe – connected security cameras or smoke detectors could help you monitor your home and your possessions, even when you’re on holiday. When it comes to security, it’s also worth considering: