5 Home security lessons from home alone.

No-one does home security like Kevin McCallister. We take a look at what the Home Alone youngster can teach us.

Want to boost your home security? There’s only one person you should be looking to for advice - Kevin McCallister, the pre-teen burglar battler who got the better of criminals Harry and Marv aka the Wet/Sticky bandits not once, but twice.

We take a look at five lessons we can learn from the first time Kevin was left Home Alone.

Step 1

Make it look like someone's at home.


Remember the scene when Kevin hosted a Christmas party with two mannequins, a dressmaker’s dummy and a Michael Jordan cut-out? All the lights on and Rocking Around the Christmas Tree blaring added to the illusion that the house was occupied.

Use a timer to turn lights on in the evening and ask a neighbour to pick up your post while you’re on holiday to make your home looked lived in. You can even get devices that make it look like your TV’s on.

Step 2

Set some ‘booby traps’.


Icy steps, a sticky combo of feathers and glue and even a dangling iron; Kevin certainly knew how to set a booby trap. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you cover your floors in smashed Christmas tree baubles or Micro-machines, but there are some things you can do to put burglars off targeting your property. Anti-climb paint will make drainpipes too slippery to scale while a prickly hedge around your perimeter will put people off gaining access.

Step 3

Make sure outhouses are secure.


There was no way the Wet Bandits were getting access to Kevin’s tree house. The resourceful tyke let them get halfway across the rope connecting it to the house before cutting it and letting them swing into a wall. You need to keep out-buildings like sheds and garages as secure as your house, especially if it’s possible to gain access to the main property from them. If you have a door between your garage and house, make sure there’s a decent lock on it.

Step 4

Loud noises can act as a deterrent.


No burglar wants to be disturbed by a loud noise. Before you know it all the neighbours will be twitching the curtains and their plan for a quick getaway with your TV will be ruined. Kevin used fireworks to deter Harry and Marv, but you can make just as much commotion with something safer. A crunchy gravel driveway is sure to put thieves off, as is a loud dog.

Step 5

Always ask for ID.


Kevin’s entire ordeal could maybe have been avoided if the McCallister’s hadn’t let Harry have a good old snoop around the joint at the beginning of the film. True, he was dressed as a police officer (and they were in full pre-holiday panic mode) but they not only let him see what valuables they had lying around, they told him they were going to be away. The lesson? Always ask people for proof of ID when they come to your door, even if they look official.

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