5 most bizarre insurance claims.

We’ve scoured the web for some of the weirdest and wackiest home insurance claims…

There are some pretty obvious reasons why people might have to make home insurance claims; burglary, storm damage, floods, to name a few.

But sometimes insurers receive claims that are simply bizarre. We lift the lid on a few of the strangest from recent years.

Step 1

Festive Fire

There’s plenty of potential for home insurance claims around Christmas. Bad weather, opportunistic burglars and accidental damage caused at festive gatherings can all cause problems. But one mans festive claim  was a little more unusual than most. According to Money Mail reports, he left lit candles attached to his Christmas tree and left the room. The fir caught fire, spreading to the house, causing a whooping £330,000 worth of damage.

Step 2

Low-flying goose

Geese aren’t high on the list when we think of dangerous animals, but perhaps they should be. Post Magazine reported a rather bizarre case of a low-flying goose who crashed through a man’s roof, damaging a chest of drawers, his TV and a games console.

Step 3

Carpet-munching snail

Animals are responsible for more than their fair share of home insurance claims. From dogs who decide to try their hand at decorating to badgers who nibble through walls, we’ve heard about many unusual claims involving our furry friends. But perhaps the most weird and wonderful is a story we spotted in the Lancashire Evening Post about a pensioner in Preston, who put in a £78 claim for a new carpet after a snail ate part of his old one.

Step 4

Baby vs laptop

Like animals, children are often the trigger for insurance claims, but this particular case is pretty strange (and funny). According to Confused.com, one doting grandad held his grandson up to his laptop to show him off via Skype, only for the little one to vomit all over the computer, causing £450 worth of damage. Ooops.

Step 5

Denture dramas

Claims relating to dentures are actually more common than you’d think – but they typically have a bizarre twist to them. We’ve seen reports of people lodging claims after their false teeth have fallen down the loo or been eaten by the dog. But the weirdest denture-related claim has to be for a set which were snapped up by an opportunistic magpie.

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