Holidays are fun, aren’t they? So you can relax and enjoy them as much as possible, it’s good to get organised beforehand, so you have nothing to worry about while you’re away. To help you get away without the worry, we've put together some top tips.

Don't forget - you can also download and print out our handy holiday checklist.

Step 1

Make sure your home is secure.

Before you leave, allow time to secure your home – setting your burglar alarm, putting lights on timers, locking windows and cancelling any milk or paper deliveries. It’s important you secure your home properly, otherwise your home insurance may not be valid should you have to make a claim.

Step 2

Don’t forget to check your appliances.

There’s a few other checks you can do to ensure your home is safe before you leave. Unplug electrical items. Make sure the oven is turned off and your taps are all secure. Turn off or turn heating down to save on energy.

Step 3

Mask that mail.

If you’re likely to get a lot of mail while you’re away, make sure it isn’t visible from outside – it’s a dead giveaway that you’re on holiday. And don’t forget to call your insurer if you’re intending to leave your property unoccupied for more than 30 days.

Step 4

Check your passport, money and documents.

Your passport. Where did you last put it? If you need a new one, it can take up to a month to renew, so check in advance. Also make sure everyone going has theirs sorted too. For your travel money, check the best deals in advance. Last but not least, as well as tickets and boarding passes, check you’ve got a copy of your travel insurance details with the relevant phone numbers. Before you go, make sure you know what you’re covered for abroad including things like jewellery, medication, mobile phones and gadgets.

Step 5

Check your luggage allowance.

Check with your airline the size and weight allowance on both checked and hand luggage. No one wants to wear all their clothes on the plane, so make sure don't have to unpack anything at the check in desk.

Now that’s all sorted, go and have a great holiday.

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