top 10 most expensive items in your home

When you’re insuring your home, it’s important to know the value of its contents. You need to make sure your most expensive items are included in your contents insurance so you’re properly covered. But do you know the value of your possessions or which is the most expensive? Here’s our top ten list to get you thinking...

Step 1


Okay, bit of an obvious one to start. But it’s worth checking for pieces you have in storage or might have forgotten about when you’re working out the total value.

Step 2


Often households have more than one TV so make sure they’re all covered.

Step 3


That’s everything including games consoles, phones and gadgets.

Step 4


These can vary greatly in price so make sure you know how much yours is worth.

Step 5


Different pieces of furniture can vary greatly in price, but high end or antique furniture can be worth a lot to potential thieves.

Step 6

Tiles and stones.

Expensive tiles and stones are regularly taken up and resold by thieves.

Step 7


Some bikes can be worth a lot of money and are often targeted by thieves as they can be resold.

Step 8

Furs and expensive clothes.

Burglars often target fur and clothing that can be sold on for large amounts of money.

Step 9

Lead and expensive metals.

If anything has been taken off roofs or copper removed, and then stored within the home, it’s often a target for resale.

Step 10

Items in sheds.

Lawnmowers, tools and other garden items are often targeted by thieves.

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