It is important that you consider each of the statements below carefully as you will be asked to confirm if they are accurate and complete.

    Failure to take reasonable care that the statements are accurate and complete could invalidate your policy or affect future claims.

    The home to be insured:

    • has external walls which are built of brick, stone or concrete.
    • has a roof which is not covered in any part with thatch or timber tiles.
    • is in a good state of repair.
    • does not have any damage which you know is caused by subsidence, or have been advised could be caused by subsidence.
    • is not in any part a listed building.
    • has its own living area, bathroom, toilet and kitchen.

    The home to be insured:

    • is occupied solely by you and your family.
    • is not left unoccupied for more than 30 days in a row.
    • is not used for any business purposes.
    • is not used only as a weekend or holiday home.

    You or anyone living with you:

    • do not have any unspent criminal convictions (motoring offences do not apply) - information about spent convictions can be obtained from a number of organisations including www.unlock.org.uk.

    You: are not unemployed (doesn’t include retired or a housewife), a student or a childminder.