Keep your home in shape with our helpful tips


Keep heating at 10°C to prevent pipes freezing, check there’s adequate loft ventilation, consider thick curtains to retain heat and keep the chimney free of soot. You should also arrange regular checks of any gas fires/boilers and your central heating.


Get the roof checked for loose tiles, fasten doors and gates, check fencing is sturdy and secure all loose items. It’s wise to also get the guttering checked for blockages and to check your trees for unstable roots.

Please note: This is general advice about keeping your property in shape only. It’s not a reflection of the cover we provide. If you’re an existing customer looking to understand your policy, you can view your policy documents online.

What else can you do?

In winter

Insulate the loft, water pipes and sides of your water tank to stop pipes freezing. You should also know where the water mains stop tap is, in case of an emergency.

If a pipe bursts

Turn off the mains water supply and your heating, and drain the system by running hot and cold taps. Call your insurer for further advice.

Prepare for anything

Create a basic emergency kit (torch/candles/matches, bag of salt/grit, shovel and back-up heating). In emergencies listen to your local radio service for updates.

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