Taking money from your pension

Once you reach the age of 55 you can start taking an income from your SIPP, or you can choose to keep your money invested and continue to contribute to your pension pot. If you need to take an income or need access to the money in your pension, you can choose any, or a combination, of the below options.

Transferring to us

Tax relief

More detail on how you can benefit from tax relief.

Interest rates

The Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) will pay interest on any cash balance of £1 or above held in the account. Interest is accrued daily and paid gross annually in March.

Please note that the interest rate payable on our Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) follows the Bank of England Base Rate. We will amend our interest rate as soon as is practically possible following a change in the base rate - the current rates that are applicable are shown below.

SIPP interest rates
Balance AER Interest Rate (Gross) Interest Rate (Net)
£1 and above 0.1% 0.1% N/A

Useful forms

Find all our SIPP forms here and what you’ll need them for.

Additional Contribution Form

You will need to complete this form to contribute either a lump sum or start a regular contribution. If this is your first contribution then you will also need to complete a Direct Debit Instruction.

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Benefits forms and Benefits Guide

Our benefits process has been designed to give you the necessary information and time needed to make an informed choice when taking benefits from your SIPP. We have created an information page and a guide to help you.

Carry Forward Guide

Carry forward may allow you to contribute more than the annual allowance without incurring tax charges. Through carry forward, contributions that exceed the annual allowance in one tax year can use up any unused annual allowance from the previous three tax years, using the earliest tax year first.

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Direct Debit Instruction

If you want to contribute a lump sum or start a regular contribution, you’ll need to complete a Direct Debit Instruction form.

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Expression of Wishes form

One of the benefits offered by your pension is the ability for the funds held in your SIPP to be passed on to others after your death. Your expression of wishes helps us to decide who you would like to pass those funds on to after your death.

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Understanding the risks

The main aim of any pension scheme is to provide you with an income during retirement. There are three areas in which your decisions will affect the benefits you are able to receive from your SIPP.

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