We send you two different statements over the course of the year.

  • An annual costs and charges statement to let you know how much you’ve paid in charges.
  • A quarterly statement to let you know the value of your investments and how much cash is in your account.

If you have any questions on your statements we’ve listed the most popular questions and answers below.

Quarterly statement questions and answers

How do I use my statement to fill out my tax return?

Unfortunately we do not provide tax advice. If you need advice, please contact an appropriate professional financial advisor. Information can also be supplied by your local Tax Office.

What is my book cost and how is it calculated?

The book cost is the total original cost including charges. If you have only made purchases on one stock the book cost will be the total of those purchases.

When stock is sold from that total, the percentage of the stock sold is taken from the total of the amount paid.

For example:

Bought 100 LLOY for £100
Book cost would be £100 for 100 shares
Bought another 100 LLOY for £200
The book cost would be £300 for 200 shares
Sell 100 shares (this is 50% of the number of shares)
The book cost would be £150 for 100 shares.

Please note, that book costs can be affected by corporate actions and transfers into your account. 

What is the Stock Valuation?

The Stock Valuation gives you detailed information on your stock holdings in your account. The information is based on the close of business prices applicable to the statement period. The valuation includes all stock held in your account. Any stocks you sold before the statement period end date are not included. This does not include information regarding accrued interest on interest bearing stocks. This can be obtained by contacting us directly using the telephone number on the covering letter.

Other quarterly statement questions

Cost and charges statement questions and answers

We’ve also created interactive guides to help you understand the new statements:

Popular questions

How are my charges paid?

The charges are paid in different ways depending on what the charge is and who has made it. When buying shares your dealing commission and any other transaction charges will be added to the total cost of your purchase.

Our administration charges are usually collected either from your nominated bank account or your share dealing account depending on how your account is set up when the fee is payable.

Charges by the Investment Manager are different to our ongoing charges. They are built into the investment and are taken out of the fund or investment itself. These charges can be viewed on the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) for the investment, or by contacting the investment manager. The charges are usually shown as a percentage. We have included the amounts on the statement as a monetary amount.

What is included in the miscellaneous charges?

This section of your statement includes additional charges you have occurred throughout the statement period. These charges could include:

  • Transferring out
  • Cheque withdrawal
  • Copy CTC/Tax vouchers
  • Ad-hoc statements and valuations
  • Voiding ISA’s, ISA repairs
  • CHAPS payments
  • Failed payments such as cheques or failed DDI
  • Certificate withdrawal requests

Can I reduce how much I pay in fund charges?

If you’re not happy with the ongoing charges on your investment(s) and would like to potentially move your money into something with lower charges, you can use our Funds Centre to filter over 2,000 funds to view other options.

Alternatively you could choose between our three diversified funds: low, medium or high risk. Take a look at our ready-made investments.

Other costs and charges statement questions

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