What do I have to pay?

When choosing which account is right for you, please consider the fees that we charge for the overall management of the account. We’ve summarised the key charges in the tables below. If you’re looking for more detail read on for full charges or download our handy factsheet.


Dealing charges for all accounts
Online dealing commission £12.50 dealing commission per trade
Telephone dealing commission £25 dealing commission per trade
Foreign currency charges* 1.25% per trade (international trades only)

*A currency conversion must be made for an international trade, either from Great British Pounds into a foreign currency to buy, or from a foreign currency into Great British Pounds to sell. As our fee, when we do this we add 1.25% to the exchange rate for buys, and take away 1.25% for sales. An indicative exchange rate will be shown prior to trading and the final rate will be shown once the trade is completed.

Account administration charges
Share Dealing Account No opening or annual fee
Stocks and Shares ISA £12.50 per year
Quarterly SIPP admin charge £22.50 (SIPP value of £50,000 or less)
£45 (SIPP value of greater than £50,000)

Charges Factsheet

Our costs and charges PDF details all charges and includes more examples of what you might pay in certain situations including international investing and investing in funds.

View Costs and Charges (PDF)

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Full account charges

Customer examples

We’ve put together some examples to help show how much you might pay depending on what account you have, how often you trade and what you do with your account. If you want to know more about our accounts and have decided to start trading you can compare our accounts to see which one could be right for you.

Tom the Trader

Tom has a Stocks and Shares ISA and a Share Dealing Account. He trades regularly, clocking up three share trades a month, apart from at Christmas and when he’s on holiday. This year, Tom will pay:

ISA admin charge - £12.50
Online dealing commission
(33 trades at £12.50 each) - £412.50
Stamp Duty (0.5% of £74,587.50 - his investments minus dealing commission) - £372.94
Total - £797.94

Tom’s investments total £75,000, which means that his charges are 1.06% of this. 


Tara the Telephone Trader

Tara uses her ISA to trade shares a few times a year and prefers to use the phone as her internet connection’s a bit patchy. This year, Tara will pay:

ISA admin charge - £12.50
Telephone dealing commission
(5 trades at £25.00 each) - £125.00
Stamp Duty (0.5% of £4,875 - Tara's investment after dealing commission) - £24.38
Total - £161.88

Tara has invested a total of £5,000 this year, which means that her charges are 3.24% of this.


Sarah the SIPPer

Sarah is starting to think about retirement and has recently opened a SIPP. If she carries on at this rate, she’s likely to buy shares three times this year and invest £1,000 in total. She also plans to transfer in an existing pension scheme. This year, Sarah will pay:

Quarterly admin charges
(£22.50 for a SIPP of less than £50,000) - £90.00
Transfer in of existing pension - £60.00
Dealing commission (3 trades at £12.50 each) - £37.50
Stamp Duty
(0.5% of £962.50 - the amount she's invested minus dealing commission) - £4.81
Total - £192.31

Sarah currently has £43,000 in her SIPP. This year, her charges are 0.45% of her investment.

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