How to make your kitchen more eco-friendly

Did you know, besides the lighting and central heating, your kitchen is the greatest source of energy consumption in your entire home?

In fact, your kitchen appliances are collectively responsible for around a quarter of your electricity bill.

Sources: Visual Capitalist, Compare the Market

As for water, an average of 20 litres flows through every kitchen sink in Britain, every single day.

Source: European Commission (PDF, 79 KB)

And let’s not get started on the amount of waste that comes from your kitchen – it could be as much as 20 kilos of plastic per household, per year.

Sources: Independent,


So, if you’re trying to reduce your home’s carbon footprint (not to mention your monthly bills), the kitchen is a great place to start. But what can you do to make your kitchen more eco-friendly?

Here are our top five tips…