How to add a creator space to your home

Looking to take your lockdown hobby to the next level? Here’s how to tailor your home and nurture your newfound passion…

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Perhaps you’re of the 22% who’s used this extra time at home to discover a new passion or hone an old skill. 

And if you are, perhaps you’re now thinking about taking things to the next level. After all, you deserve a creative haven at home where you can truly get your juices flowing.

So, here are our top three tips on adding a ‘creator space’ to your home…

1. Dedicate a space to work on your hobby

From yoga to horticulture, we have all found our own creative releases during the past few months.

But if these activities have started to consume your free time, you may have found yourself struggling for the space you need to work on your passions.

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room to work on your craft, you may want to dedicate some of it to your newfound interest. Clear the room of any clutter that might distract you and fill it with things that inspire your creativity.

This could be anything from a record player to play your favourite music to scented candles that help you to unwind.

Perhaps you’re one of the 40% whose new passion is cooking up a storm in the kitchen. If so, it might be worth letting your family or housemates know when you’d like the space to yourself so you can try out new recipes without distraction. 

If homebrewing is your newfound hobby, make sure your dedicated space is away from the main rooms in the house. Some fermenters can be noisy, and you’ll want to limit any leaking smells.

If you’ve been trying your hand at gardening, the sky's the limit. Styling and nurturing plants, whether indoors or outdoors, is a great way to make your space more homely while fulfilling your passion.

2. Equip yourself with the tools

Almost a quarter (24%) of Brits say they’ve increased their spending on hobby supplies since the first lockdown began. 

A few months ago, you may have found that the soap-makings starter kit you received a few Secret Santa’s ago was enough. But if your passion for creating scented bars and bath bombs is still going strong, it may be time to take things up a notch.

Practicing your swirl designs and textured techniques upstairs is all well and good but things soon get messy. Plus, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got access to a microwave and stove for melting and pouring. It’s no good having to run down to the kitchen all the time.

And if your pastime requires access to running water, consider a container with a built-in tap. With just a raised tank and a dishpan underneath, you can create your very own washing station.

Finally, if your newfound passion is something quite pricey, such as photography, try second-hand shopping or leasing as a way to upgrade your equipment.

3. Take everything into consideration

Before you set about transforming your home, make sure to speak to the other members of your household first, particularly if you’re having to make some changes to the room – even if it’s something as simple as putting up shelving. After all, you wouldn’t like it if they did it without checking with you first.

Also, it’s important to be honest with yourself. If you’re short on space, look out for hacks that get around this problem. Foldable desks and pull-down projector screens are great equipment options that don’t hog space when not in use.

But if you do you have space to play with, you can dare to dream about the future.

For instance, if you plan to one day introduce your passions to the world, you might want to keep some of your space aside for a printer which you can use to create packaging and other marketing materials.

Or, if you’re considering streaming yourself in action, you can install a colourful backdrop or green screen to your room.

Finally, make the space one that makes you happy. If painting is your passion, decorate it with a wall mural.

Or, if you’ve been upcycling furniture, surround yourself with it. Not only is it a cheaper way to renovate, but seeing your handy work in the flesh will inspire you to keep doing your thing.

Once you’ve established your own ‘creator space’ at home, you’ll no doubt find it much easier and more fun to take your passions one step further.

Sources for this article: positive.newsinews, yougov.


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