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More couples are prioritising a mortgage over getting married

With the rising cost of living many people are reviewing what’s most important to them. Getting onto the property ladder, sooner rather than later could become more important than that big wedding.

If you’re thinking about tying the knot it could also be the perfect time to think about saving towards your first home. Buying your first place together is often seen as a bigger commitment than getting married.

In fact, 64% of couples say owning their own home is a bigger priority than getting married. Many are opting out of a big wedding so that they can get onto the property ladder sooner. For some it’s a priority when the average wedding can cost upwards of £18,000. You could be putting that money towards a deposit for your first home. In 2021, the average deposit for a first home in the UK was £50,000.

62% of engaged couples already have or are considering reallocating their wedding budget to a house deposit instead.

An infographic showing a comparison of the average wedding and the average first time buyer deposit.

*Average cost of a wedding and average deposit for first home in the UK, 2021.

Helping you get onto the property ladder

You’ll never forget the feeling of getting the keys to your first home. But it can be challenging getting there.

We can help make the process as easy and smooth as possible and give you all the info you need along the way.

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Source: The research was conducted with Opinium Research between 9th -14th June 2021 online. The survey field was 2,001 UK adults aged 18-44.

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