Transfer your pensions

Having more than one pension can be messy. Make life simpler and bring them together.

Why transfer your pensions?

When you end up with more than one pension, it can be a hassle to keep on top of them. Combining your pensions into one pot makes things easier to manage.

  • Keep track - Having your pensions all in one place means you won’t lose track of where they are
  • Plan your retirement -  See at a glance how much your pension’s worth in Online Banking, so you know how your retirement plans are currently doing
  • Save money - With only one pension pot, it could cost you less in charges and fees

Of course, transferring might not be right for everyone, you may have some benefits attached to your current pension that you want to keep or it may be that we can’t accept it. We’ll look at this in more detail in ‘Your questions answered’ below.

3 Simple Steps towards transferring your pension.

Step 1

Know your stuff

Read through our useful website to make sure transferring is right for you.

Step 2


We'll just need a few details about you and your pensions. You’ll be done in a few steps.

Step 3

Sit back

Scottish Widows will do the hard work. They’ll have you sorted in no time – and they’ll keep you updated along the way.

Already have a Scottish Widows pension?

If you’re an existing Scottish Widows Pension holder, you can combine using the link. Alternatively, if you want to open a new pension with Scottish Widows continue reading below.

Combine into your existing Scottish Widows pension


Why open a new pension with Scottish Widows?

  • Flexibility – you can use the same policy to both save for the future and choose how you access your pension when you’re ready
  • Suited to your needs – you can choose from a range of investment options to suit your circumstances and can change them at any time.
  • Competitive charges – simple to understand and based on how much you have in your plan and how you invest
  • Fully protected - 100% of your savings are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme
  • Expertise – Scottish Widows have been guiding people through retirement for more than 200 years. They’re also part of the same group as ourselves

Your questions answered

Online banking customer?

If you are a Halifax online banking customer you can now view the current value of this Scottish Widows pension alongside your other accounts.

Before you start

Investing and taking your pension

Now that you've decided that transferring is right for you, take a look at how your pension can be invested and understand the options for when you retire. This will help you complete the application.;

Find out more

Ready to transfer?

If you’ve already reviewed and understand, if transferring is right for you, your investment and retirement options you can start the application. You’ll need the following:

  • Your National Insurance number
  • Your existing pension providers name
  • The policy numbers of each pension you want to transfer
  • The Scheme name if it's a workplace pension
  • A recent transfer value for each pension

Apply to transfer my pension

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