Transfer your pensions

Having more than one pension can be messy. Make life simpler. Bring them together with Scottish Widows.

Why transfer your pensions?

When you end up with more than one pension, it can be a hassle to keep on top of them. Combining your pensions into one pot makes things easier to manage

  • Keep track - Having your pensions all in one place means you won’t lose track of where they are.
  • Plan your retirement -  See at a glance how much your pension's worth in Online Banking. So you know if your retirement plans are on track.
  • Save money - With only one pension pot, it could cost you less in charges and fees

Transfer your pension

How does it work?

You’ll need a pension with Scottish Widows – they’re the pension expert in our group. If you don't already have a pension with them, it's no problem. You can take one out when you transfer.

Know your stuff

We'll guide you through the info, so you’ll know whether transferring’s right for you.


We'll just need a few details about you and your pensions. You’ll be done in a few steps.

Sit back

Scottish Widows will do the hard work. They’ll have you sorted in no time – and they'll keep you updated along the way.

Transfer your pension

Because this service doesn’t include financial advice, you’re responsible for finding out if your pensions have valuable benefits you could lose. Scottish Widows can show you information that will help narrow down your choices, but they won’t tell you what to do or which option to take. The decision is yours. If you’re not sure, talk to a financial adviser.

Tools and resources

Retirement Planning - access information to help plan your retirement

Scottish Widows pensions

Handy Tool - if you’re approaching retirement, review your pension options with our pensions provider Scottish Widows and see how you could benefit

Pensions Calculator

Pensions Transfer - if you have more than one pension pot you could combine them into one plan to make them easier to manage

Pensions Transfer

Looking for free and impartial money advice?

Visit the Money Advice Service website for more information. You might want to talk to a financial adviser. Find one near you.

The Government are offering free guidance on your options online, by phone or face to face from Pension Wise.

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