Savings help and guidance.

Savings tips

We've put together some ideas, which should help you on your way to a healthy savings future.


Confused by all savings lingo? Our savings glossary demystifies everything from 'AER' to 'withdrawals'.

Charges & withdrawals

Find out about the charges and withdrawal information that applies to your Halifax savings account.

Non-UK residents

Information for Halifax savings customers that live outside the UK.

Track down an account

If you think you may have an old savings account with Halifax, we may be able to help you find it.

Close your savings account

If you wish to close your Halifax savings account, we have information to show you how to do it.

Get help in a branch

If you save with us or not, we'll gladly review your accounts and discuss the right balance to meet your financial needs.

How to rename your accounts

Renaming your accounts is a great way to separate your savings and get organised.

Savings articles and videos

Fill your head with interesting facts and knowledge with our savings articles and videos.

Setting up standing orders

You can easily set up regular payments into your savings account so you don’t need to remember to save.