Halifax Savers Prize Draw.

Over a thousand prizes to be won every month

Halifax rewards savers like no one else. No other bank gives you the chance to win a cash prize every month just by saving, so it really could pay to save with Halifax. There are more than 1,600 prizes in every monthly draw and three lucky customers could win a fantastic top prize of £100,000.

You can find lots more information like draw dates and prizes, all the latest news, frequently asked questions and details of how to enter on our registration page.

More about the Savers Prize Draw

Here's a breakdown of the monthly prizes:

February 2019

  • 3 x £100,000
  • 100 x £1,000
  • 1,500 x £100

Total £550,000

March 2019

  • 3 x £100,000
  • 100 x £1,000
  • 1,500 x £100

Total £550,000

April 2019

  • 3 x £100,000
  • 100 x £1,000
  • 1,500 x £100

Total £550,000

And remember, you only need to register once to be entered into all future draws, so what are you waiting for?

Registering and Qualifying

Registering. You only need to do it once.

Registering is easy and you only need to do it once to be entered into all future monthly draws where you meet the qualifying criteria. You simply need to:

If you don’t register you won’t be entered but you can register even if you don't qualify so you can rest assured that, when you meet the qualifying criteria, you will be in with a chance to win.

One last thing. There’s only one entry per customer, so we can’t accept multiple registrations.

Register now

Qualifying. All you need to know

To qualify for our Halifax Saver Prize Draw, there are only a few boxes to tick. You’ll need to:

  • Be over 18 and live in England, Wales or Scotland
  • Hold one or more qualifying Halifax or Bank of Scotland savings accounts
  • Register to take part
  • Keep a total balance in your qualifying accounts of at least £5,000 for the whole calendar month before each draw.

And what about joint accounts?
If you share a joint account and you both wish to enter, you’ll need to register individually. We’ll then split the account total in half to work out if your balance qualifies. For example if you have £6,000 in a joint qualifying savings account it counts as £3,000 each.

Frequently asked questions

How often are the Halifax Savers Prize Draws?
Draws are held at the start of every month.

Will I get confirmation of my entry?
You’ll receive an e-mail confirmation if you register online. A conformational text can be sent to you if you provide us with your mobile number when you register, but we won’t send written confirmation for postal entries. Branch entries will be confirmed in the branch.

Why isn't the Prize Draw available overseas or in Northern Ireland?
Under the Gambling Act 2005 it is lawful for us to offer this type of Prize Draw in England, Wales and Scotland. Different legislation applies overseas and in Northern Ireland, so unfortunately it's not possible to offer the Prize Draw outside England, Wales and Scotland.
In the future if we’re satisfied that the law in Northern Ireland has appropriately changed, we may allow customers living in Northern Ireland to qualify to take part in the draw. We can do this without notifying you personally, although we’ll let you know on our website and in our branches.

What if I am living abroad at the time of the draw?
Only those living in England, Wales or Scotland at the time of the draw can enter. Because of this, we have the right to question you about where you live, and we don’t count short term absences or holidays of up to 3 months from England, Wales or Scotland.

What are the qualifying Savings accounts?
All Halifax and Bank of Scotland branded retail savings accounts qualify for the Prize Draw with the exception of children’s accounts.

What about joint savings accounts?
As registrations are per customer, qualifying balances are calculated using an equal share of any funds held in joint accounts. For example, if Mr Smith has £1,000 in a sole account and £7,000 in a joint account his total individual balance, for the purposes of the Prize Draw, is £4,500 (£1,000 + £3,500). In this instance Mr Smith would be £500 under the qualifying amount.
It’s important to remember that customers need to register individually to be included in the draw.

Are balances held in current accounts or investment funds included?
No, funds held in current accounts or investment products, such as Stocks & Shares ISAs including ISA Investor, are not counted towards the £5,000 balance requirement.

Do I need to register each month for the prize draw?
No you don’t. As long as you keep your qualifying savings accounts open you only need to register once to be entered into all future prize draws.

Do I have a greater chance of winning if I register more than once?
No, you can only register once a month. If we receive multiple entries then only the last entry will be entered into the draw.

If I have several savings accounts, do I need to register each one separately?
No, you can only register once regardless of how many accounts you have or how much you have saved. You only need to register using details of one of your accounts and we will calculate the combined balance from all your savings accounts.

What are my odds of winning?
In a normal month there are 1,603 prizes but the number of entrants can change on a monthly basis based on the entry criteria. Therefore we can’t calculate the exact odds. To date there have now been over 90,000 winners.

Can you win twice?
Yes, but not in the same month. Each entrant has 1 chance per month, but it is possible to win again in later months. A number of lucky customers have won twice, and a few very lucky customers have won three times!

How do I find out if I've won?
Within one month of the date of each monthly draw we will write to potential winners who have been selected and checked against our records, using the last known postal address that we have on our records. We may also try to contact potential winners by other means, such as telephone or email, if we have these details.

How do I claim my prize?
You must claim your prize in one of our branches or online.
Before we pay out any prize money we may require potential winners to provide reasonable proof of their identity, age and that they were living in England, Wales or Scotland as at the end of the month before the draw took place. When we write to you we’ll confirm how you can claim your prize, and in particular whether you must attend one of our branches or can claim your prize online.

Can I use the same document to verify ID, age & address?
Yes, if the document contains all the relevant information and can verify these three criteria. Please remember that when verifying an address, the document must have an issue or post date of no more than 3 months prior to the draw date.

How will I receive my prize?
You can choose to receive your prize by cheque sent to your home address, or the amount will be paid directly into an existing Halifax or Bank of Scotland account. We will do this within 3 working days of your successful claim.

Can I see a list of winners?
A list of winners for the previous 6 months can be requested in any of our branches.

How long will the draw continue for?
The draw launched in September 2011 with the first draw held in December 2011. The draw is open ended in duration and can be withdrawn at any time, subject to a minimum of 2 months’ notice to all entrants.

What if I no longer wish to take part in the Draw?
If you decide you no longer wish to take part in future draws, please write to us at: FREEPOST, HALIFAX SAVERS PRIZE DRAW.

Who is the Third Party Administrator?
The Third Party Administrator is Grass Roots Group Ltd. They help us collect and process certain details of customers who wish to register for the Draw.

Not yet saving £5,000 in qualifying accounts?

We've a wide range of tax free, easy access or fixed term savings to help you qualify for the Halifax Savers Prize Draw.

An important note...
Some accounts, including children's accounts and non-personal accounts are excluded.
See the full Halifax Savers Prize Draw rules for details.