Problems with our online service.

If you are experiencing problems viewing or accessing our share dealing service online, please use this guide to help you resolve any issues.

It is important to check these details regularly to ensure your full internet facility, not just our site, runs faster and more efficiently. Feedback from our customers has confirmed that in the majority of cases, this checklist alone resolves their problem.

If you use online banking in addition to online share dealing, we have found that problems can occur if you are using both sites at the same time e.g. in a different window. Please log out of your online banking profile before going to the share dealing online site. It sometimes helps to go directly to if there are problems following the link from the main site.

It has been found that if you press 'return' after inputting details or navigating through the site (rather than clicking with the mouse), this can cause errors in some cases. Therefore please make sure you always click with the mouse.

When you set up your own password and security questions, be aware that these are all case sensitive, so when signing in on the main site, you will need to enter them exactly as you did when you set them up. Make sure to use standard characters and numbers - please avoid using commas, hyphens, full stops and other punctuation. Also be aware that there is a limit of 20 characters - please ensure all details you enter are within this limit.

Certain types of web browser and the options people choose for their browser settings have been found to limit accessibility to our website in some cases. This can include sign-in issues, and not being able to view/use all parts of the site. Therefore we would be grateful if you could try using a different web browser.

Internet Browsers

Update your browser to the most recent version; please refer to your browser supplier website to do this.

Also complete the following:

  1. Delete all Temporary Internet Files
  2. Ensure that your browser is set to accept Cookies
  3. Add our site to your 'Trusted Sites' list
  4. Enable JavaScript
  5. Disable Browser Add-ons

You may need to speak to your Internet Service Provider for assistance.

The Next Steps

Whilst it is normally fine under most circumstances to quickly access our site using 'Favourites', if you experience any errors in using our site suddenly, then please navigate to our website by manually entering the web address into the address bar on Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. Please ensure that you are not entering this address into any 'Toolbars' that you may have added, such as Google or Yahoo! If the fault persists please try a different PC - if you have access to one, such as a laptop or at work. Should that not be possible, or prove unsuccessful, please visit your local Halifax branch and try to register or sign in at the 'Click & Call' facility provided. We have found this sometimes resolves the issue, and you may then be able to register or sign in without further delay when you use your own PC again.

How to let us know if you still have problems

In the event that the above actions are not effective, you can call our online helpdesk on 03456 04 6476. If you need to call us from abroad, you can call us on +44 (0) 113 270 1154.

Alternatively, you can email us direct at

Please include the following information:

  • Your contact telephone details (morning and evening)
  • The date and time on which the problem occurred
  • Step by step specifics about the actions you were taking on the site at the time
  • The URL's (the full contents of the address bar) of all of the pages visited including the page where the problem occurred
  • Details of the exact wording of the error messages displayed
  • Your operating system (e.g. Windows 98/XP/Vista)
  • The name of the web browser that you are using, e.g. Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox 5 etc.
  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

The Halifax Share Dealing Customer Support Team will investigate your issues as a matter of priority and contact you with an update as soon as possible.