Halifax Share Dealing Online Security.

We do all we can to protect you online. Even in the unlikely event of fraud, we promise you won't lose out. As an online share dealing customer, you automatically benefit from our online fraud guarantee:

If you use our online service and become a victim of online fraud, we guarantee you won't lose any money from your account, and will always be reimbursed in full.

For the vast majority of our customers, this situation will never arise, especially if you take a few simple steps:

  • Keep your password secure and do not let anyone else make use of your security details, even if they share a joint account with you
  • Do not let anyone watch you enter your security details and log off after each online session
  • Carry out regular virus checks on your devices and have the latest operating system and web browser installed.

If you've been grossly negligent, we will not refund any money taken from your account before you have told us your security details have been lost, stolen or could be misused.

We won't give you a refund if you have acted fraudulently. Find out more about how to protect yourself online.

Worried that your online personal or security details may have been compromised? If you have a share dealing account which could be affected by this, please contact Halifax Share Dealing to let us know.

You can use this site to find out more information about common threats including boiler room fraud, or you could read this Financial Conduct Authority guide.


Malware is malicious software such as viruses, trojans, spyware and scareware that can be used for a large number of illegal purposes such as stealing personal information.

Identity Theft

Unfortunately there are criminals who search for people who give away too much information about themselves.


If you use email, the chances are that at some point you'll receive a scam email.

Mobile Security

Keeping your mobile phone safe from attack is more important than ever.

Other threats

The introduction of smart phones means that the internet is accessible wherever you are. Read about how to protect your wireless security and how to keep yourself safe on social networks.

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