Going abroad soon? You no longer need to tell us

You no longer have to tell us when you are travelling abroad. Our fraud and security systems are always on the lookout for suspicious activity on your accounts meaning you can relax when you are away making going abroad stress free.

Before going abroad

  • Check overseas fees here.
  • Ensure your cards do not expire when you are away. Please check your expiry date.
  • Take another form of payment in case of emergency.
  • Ensure your contact details are up to date so we can contact you if we are concerned there may be fraudulent activity on your account - update here.
  • Take note of our overseas number to call in an emergency: +44 (0)113 242 1984.

Have an enjoyable trip!

Using your cards abroad

Remember when you use your card abroad you have exactly the same anti-fraud protection you do at home when making payments.

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