Halifax Mobile Banking

We know how useful it can be to do your banking on the move. That’s why we've launched Halifax Mobile Banking. All you have to do is simply sign in to Online Banking, with your existing details, from a mobile web browser or with our free* app.

With Halifax Mobile Banking you can:

  • view your balance
  • see your transaction history
  • transfer money between your own personal Halifax accounts
  • make payments to new and existing recipients
  • manage your existing overdraft
  • apply for an Online Saver Account.

Or you can access Halifax Mobile Banking through your mobile browser as we've optimised Online Banking so it looks great on internet-enabled mobiles.

Frequently asked questions

Setting up your Mobile Banking app

What mobile devices does the app work on?

Our app works on smartphones/platforms most commonly used by our customers, such as Apple devices (including iPod Touch), Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices.

I tried to download the app but I got an error. What's going on?

It might be because the operating system on your mobile device doesn't meet the minimum requirements:

  • iPhone iOS4.0 and above
  • Android 2.2 and above
  • Blackberry 5.0 and above
  • Windows 7.5 and above

Check the operating system version. If necessary, try backing up your data and then updating the software according to your manufacturer's guidelines. Another idea is to make sure there's enough space in your device's memory to store the app.

Do I need to register for Mobile Banking?

If you're already registered for Online Banking, you don't need to do a thing. You can sign in using the same User ID, password and memorable information that you use to access Online Banking from your desktop computer.

If I use Mobile Banking, will I still be able to use Online Banking on my desktop computer?

Yes, you can still access your accounts using Online Banking and Mobile Banking.

I don't have a Google Play account, and usually download my apps from another app store. Is it ok to download the Halifax Mobile Banking app from there too?

You can only download the official Halifax mobile app from the app stores we've authorised to distribute it. These are the Apple App Store, Google Play, Blackberry App World and Windows Phone Store. If you come across any suspicious apps please report them to security@halifax.co.uk

How do I switch to the desktop site and back on my mobile?

To switch to the desktop site whilst signed in to Mobile Banking, click on the 'Go to desktop site' button. If you later wish to return to Mobile Banking, click on the mobile icon located at the top right of the screen.

I’ve got the app on my Android mobile and it’s asking me for permission to access my Contacts?

The Mobile Banking app includes some useful Halifax contact numbers to get in touch with us, which you can choose to save to your Contacts. If you do this, the app will need to access the Contacts function on your Android device, and write to it. Other Contacts information on your device isn’t accessed in any other way.

Making payments and setting up new recipients

How can I make payments from my mobile phone?

All you need to do is go to 'Your accounts', choose the relevant current account and select 'Make a payment'.

Once you've completed this you'll be asked to check the details and confirm the payment - after you've done this you'll see a confirmation message.

How do I set up a payment to a new recipient?

In just the same way you would on the desktop site. But for security reasons, we'll need to confirm that you're really you. We'll do this by calling you on a number we know is yours, which you can choose on screen.

We can call you on the same mobile as you're using to make the payment, but if any of the other phones that are you've registered with us are to hand, you might find it easier to select one of those.

Can I set up a new recipient using only my mobile?

Some mobiles don't allow you to switch between using the browser and receiving a phone call, and would sign you out.

If you're unsure whether your mobile will do this, you might like to ask a friend to call you while you're using Mobile Banking. If you are still signed in after the call, you can do this on your mobile. If not you will need to choose an alternative number we know is yours. Also, make sure the call is shorter than 10 minutes, otherwise you will automatically be signed out.

Using your Mobile Banking app abroad

Can I use the app when I'm abroad?

Yes, you can. But bear in mind, the app has been designed for use in the UK and it may be unlawful to access some of the services in some countries. You are responsible for your use of it abroad. Please note that the ATM/Branch Finder will only search for Halifax branches and LINK ATMs in the UK.

Applying for an Online Saver on your Mobile

Can I apply for a new Savings Account on my mobile phone?

Yes you can. You are allowed up to a maximum of 5 Online Saver accounts. We recommend you use the browser version of Mobile Banking rather than the app for this. For our full list of Halifax savings accounts please visit www.halifax.co.uk/savings.

Can I view my Online Saver account on online banking if I open it using my Mobile?

Yes you can.

Do I need to be a Halifax Customer to open an Online Saver Account using my Mobile?

Yes you need to be an existing Halifax customer and registered for Online Banking in order to open an Online Saver Account. To learn more and register for online banking, please visit www.halifax.co.uk from your desktop computer.

How soon after applying for an Online Saver Account using my mobile, can I start using it?

You can start saving right away into your new Online Saver account. You can access your new account through Mobile Banking and Online Banking. You can also set up a standing order to ensure you have a set amount going in to your Online Saver.

Why can I no longer use Nokia Symbian

Why is the Nokia Symbian Mobile Banking app no longer being offered to me?
Due to the recent changes to our Mobile Banking offerings we no longer support the Nokia Symbian app. However, if you have a Nokia Symbian device you can still bank on the move through your mobile device’s browser by navigating to https://www.halifax-online.co.uk/personal/logon/login.jsp?mobile=true. Please note that we do have an app for Nokia Windows Phone devices.

Why is there no branch & cash machine finder available for Nokia Symbian devices?
You can access our branch & cash machine finder service through your mobile device’s browser by navigating to http://www.halifax.co.uk/branchfinder/search.asp

Should I delete the app from my Nokia Symbian device?
The Mobile Banking app service for Nokia Symbian devices was turned off in June 2013 so you will no longer be able to use it. It may be a good idea to delete it from your device. Remember that you can still access Mobile Banking through your Nokia Symbian device’s browser.
If you have a Nokia Windows Phone there is no need to delete the app as this version was not turned off in June 2013.

Does this apply to all Nokia phones?
No. The app for Nokia Symbian Phones was taken offline in June 2013 but the Nokia Windows Phone app will continue to be available.

Will I be charged for accessing Mobile Banking through my device’s browser going forward?
We don’t currently charge for Mobile Banking (whether through an app or device browser), but some network operators may charge for some services, so please check with them.

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Important information

* We don't charge you for using Halifax Mobile Banking. But don't forget to check with your mobile operator – as they may bill you for some services. Mobile Banking could be affected by phone signal and functionality. The Mobile Banking app's Branch and ATM finder is available to all. Other Mobile Banking services are only available to our UK personal Online Banking cutomers and registration may be required. Terms and conditions apply

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