Online Banking Security

We’re constantly keeping an eye out for your safety online by staying on top of the latest scams and developments but there are also ways you can protect yourself.
And with our Online Guarantee, we’re here to protect you.

Our Online Guarantee against online fraud

“We do all we can to protect you online. Even in the unlikely event of fraud, we promise you won't lose out. As a Halifax Online Banking customer, you automatically benefit from our online fraud guarantee: If you use our online service and become a victim of online fraud, we guarantee you won't lose any money from your account, and will always be reimbursed in full. For the vast majority of our customers, this situation will never arise, especially if you take a few simple steps to protect yourself online.”

Common threats

Get the latest updates on how you can protect yourself and your family from malicious threats.

Phishing scams
Suspicious calls

Urgent Enquiries

Cancel a lost or stolen card:
08457 20 30 99

Locked out of your account?

Forgotten your Online Banking password?

Reporting fraud

If you’re worried that you may have received a scam email, please forward it to then delete it immediately.

Concerned that your online personal or security details might have been compromised?
Call 08456 02 00 00

Calling from abroad?
+44 1132 798 302

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