How Cashback Extras works

on each offer in the app or in Online Banking to activate
it for use on your next purchase.

with any of your Halifax debit cards, or credit cards if
you’re the main cardholder.

will be paid into your Halifax bank account at the end
of the following month.

Switch on Cashback Extras

Sign in and select Cashback Extras from Get free add-ons to register. Or if you're already registered, select Cashback Extras from your account homepage.

Sign in to Online Banking

Don’t bank with the Halifax?

Choose a Halifax bank account and apply to get Cashback Extras

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For everything you need to know about Cashback Extras including managing Cashback Extras settings, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

To qualify for Cashback Extras you need to be over 18, have a Halifax Bank Account, a Halifax debit and/or credit card and be registered for Online Banking. Merchant offers and cashback amounts vary. Terms and Conditions apply.

Please note: Halifax Basic Account holders are not eligible for Cashback Extras.