Paper-free statements.


You can view most of your statements online and choose not to receive paper copies by post. No more hunting around for old paper statements - by viewing them securely online, you’ll always know where they are.

  • Access up to 10 years of statements online 24/7
  • Search your online statements by date, amount or payment type
  • Get up-to-date balances and see your latest transactions.

If you do need a paper version, simply print one out, or you can still order a one off paper copy.

There are some accounts where you cannot opt out of receiving paper statements. When you log into Online Banking you can select eligible accounts to go paperless.

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For more information read our paper-free terms and conditions.

Your online inbox

You can now receive some correspondence for your current and savings accounts to an online Inbox. You’ll still receive a paper copy unless you opt into paper-free, and the online version will look exactly the same as the correspondence you receive in the post.

If you choose to go paper-free we’ll stop sending certain letters by post and send you an email when you receive a new item in your Inbox. You can switch back to paper correspondence for some or all of your eligible accounts at any time.

Please note: We’ll never alter or delete any of the documents in your online Inbox without giving you prior notice of any changes.


If you want to start or stop your paper statements it couldn't be easier through Online Banking. Sign in and select ‘Your profile’ from the toolbar at the top of the page and choose ’Turn on paperless statements’.

Start / stop paper statements in Your account tools
  1. To go paper-free for all your eligible accounts, select ‘Continue’ under statements and correspondence and follow the on screen instructions.
  2. To go paper-free on selected accounts, expand the ‘see preferences’ option and select the accounts you want paper-free statements and/or correspondence for.
Select the Update settings button