From 18th May 2015 you will be able to manage your Easycash account in branch. For full details take a look at the Easycash getting started guide.

Is this the right account for you?

Easycash provides a reduced banking service for customers who can't open one of our current accounts.

You may prefer to apply for a Halifax Current Account. If you are elgible for an Easycash account but not a Current Account we will offer you the Easycash account at the end of the application.

If you’re not eligible to open a full current account, there’s a simple answer. Easycash.

This account could be perfect for you if you:

  • need an account to pay your benefits into
  • have a limited income
  • have had financial difficulties in the past and been refused a current account
  • don’t want an overdraft facility and chequebook

The Easycash account comes with a Visa Electron card and a limited service in branch.
From 18th May 2015 this is changing and you will have a full branch service.

You can use our free mobile text alerting service to receive balance, limit and overseas transaction alerts.

Here’s a summary of what you can and can’t do over the counter in branch:

Available in...
Withdraw more than £300 (there must be enough money in your account to withdraw)
Request a banker’s draft
Make international payments Branch, Telephone and Online Banking
Make a CHAPS payment
Check your account balance
Cash machine and Online Banking
Review your recent transactions
Cash machine and Online Banking
Order an up-to-date statement
Telephone banking only
Make cash or cheque deposits
Cash machine and Immediate Deposit Machines
Withdraw less than £300 unless the balance is £10 or less (there must be enough money in your account to withdraw)
Cash machine only
Set up standing orders and direct debits
Telephone and Online Banking

Or if you’d prefer a bank account with an overdraft, chequebook and more features - take a look at our Current Account.

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If you want to open an Easycash account apply online now.

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For more information read the Easycash Application Pack.

Immediate Deposit Machines are available in selected branches only.