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Use the Halifax Eligibility Checker to find out how likely you are to be accepted for a current account and overdraft with us. Using this Eligibility Checker will not affect your credit profile.

It should take about 2 minutes to complete.

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  • £100 extra when you switch to us. Plus a £5 reward each month you pay in £750+, pay two different direct debits and stay in credit
  • Branch, online and telephone banking services
  • You can use our free mobile text alerting service to receive balance, limit and overseas transaction alerts
  • Earn when you spend - once registered for Online Banking switch on Cashback Extras and activate your offers
  • Open a joint account - fill in the short form at the end of your application

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Switch to us in only 7 working days. Apply online and switch at the end of the application.

Halifax Switch Guarentee Logo

The Current Account Switch Guarantee ensures your current account switch will complete in 7 working days, you can choose this date. Your payments will be automatically transferred and redirected to your new account, and in the unlikely event you incur any charges on your old or new bank account due to an error or delay, you will be refunded in full when this is brought to our attention.

Use the Current Account Switch Service and close your old account held elsewhere. If you've had cashback for switching since January 2012, we're sorry but you don't qualify.

£100 to switch using the Current Account Switch Service.

To qualify for the £100 switching offer you must use the ‘Current Account Switch Service’ and meet the following conditions:

  • Use the 'Current Account Switch Service' to switch into a new or existing, Reward Current Account, Ultimate Reward Current Account (£15 monthly fee) or Halifax Current Account.
  • Use the ‘Current Account Switch Service’ to transfer all the active credits and debits from the bank account that you hold with another bank and close this account.

You are not eligible for the offer if you have previously received any other offer or benefits for switching to a Halifax bank account at any point since January 2012 or if you're a Bank of Scotland bank account customer switching to the Halifax.

You are not eligible for the offer if the bank you are switching from does not participate in the Current Account Switch Service. To find out if your bank participates, visit the Payments Council website.

What else do you need to know?

  1. The offer applies to applications received in branch, online or by phone from 1 June 2015. The offer is subject to change and can be withdrawn without notice at any time.
  2. The offer does not automatically guarantee an overdraft. Any application made for an overdraft will be subject to status. If your account has an overdraft you will not pay any daily overdraft fees for 6 months provided you stay within your planned overdraft limit; if you exceed your planned overdraft limit, then unplanned overdraft fees will still apply.
  3. After 6 months, or if you change your current account, you will be charged daily overdraft fees applicable to the account you hold if you use your overdraft. Find out more about our rates, rewards, fees and overdrafts. You can also find this information in our Getting Started Guides available in branch. Any overdraft we agree is repayable on demand, including any fees or interest.
  4. If you do not meet the conditions of the offer we may claim back the £100. We will do this by debiting £100 from your account.
  5. Only one offer is available per customer. Joint accounts will only be eligible for one payment.
  6. The offer will be paid directly into your account within three working days once your switch has completed. The payment will appear as a cash credit.
  7. The offer is not available to customers whose existing account is being managed by our Recovery Departments.
  8. The offer is not available to employees of Lloyds Banking Group, or if the employee is named on any bank account held in joint names.

The overdraft

If you... ...your daily fee will be
use a planned overdraft up to and including £1,999.99 £1 a day
use a planned overdraft of between £2,000 and £2,999.99 £2 a day
use a planned overdraft of £3,000 and over £3 a day
use an unplanned overdraft £5 a day

If you are overdrawn by £50 or less our overdraft buffer means you won’t pay any planned or unplanned overdraft fees. Overdrafts are subject to application and approval, and are repayable on demand.

Representative example:
If you use a planned overdraft of £1,200, then we'll charge you a daily fee of £1.

The £5 reward

This will be paid each month if you pay in £750 or more, pay two different direct debits and remain in credit throughout the previous calendar month. This payment is ‘net’ of income tax, which means we pay it after taking off income tax at the rate set by law (currently 20%). If you’re a higher-rate taxpayer you may have to pay extra income tax on the reward payment. The gross amount is £6.25 - this is the amount before income tax is taken off.

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For more information and terms & conditions for this current account read the Reward Current Account Getting Started Guide (PDF). We’re making some changes from 22 November 2015 to the conditions of our bank accounts, read the Guide to Changes section of the Getting Started Guide for more details.

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