Halifax Loans

Who can apply for a Halifax Loan?

If you’re an existing Halifax customer with a Halifax bank account held for at least 3 months (excluding Easycash), mortgage, credit card or loan, you could apply for a Halifax Clarity Loan.

A decision to offer you a loan is based on your individual circumstances.

What are you looking for today?

A straightforward personal loan.

If you're an existing Halifax customer and need a flexible way to borrow money, then a personal loan could be the answer.

Top up an existing loan or apply for an additional loan.

Looking to borrow a bit more to buy a new car, do some work around the house or just reorganise your finances?

Get a personal quote.

If you're registered for Online Banking and already have a Halifax bank account, you can get a personalised quote and apply online.

Manage your loan online

  • View your loan transactions
  • Make additional payments
  • Get an early settlement quote
  • Pay off your loan early
  • Apply for a repayment holiday.

What are my borrowing options?

If you’re going to borrow money, it’s important that you choose an option that’s right for your circumstances.

Looking to make some home improvements or buy a car?

Whatever you are looking to do, why not take a look at our guides to make sure you have considered everything.

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