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If you can leave your savings alone for a while, our internet-only Fixed Online Saver could really help your money grow faster. With a choice of terms, and a choice of when your interest is paid, you'll get a fixed return, for a fixed time.

At a glance:

Interest RateBenefitsBear in mindAccess

Up to 1.80%
gross/AER fixed 
for the 5 year term (minimum balance £500)

  • A term to suit you, from 1 to 5 years
  • Fixed rate of interest so you know exactly how much you’ll earn
  • Manage your savings online, 24/7.
  • No additional deposits or withdrawals allowed
  • There are no cancellation rights attached to this account
  • Must fund the account within 10 days of account opening date by online transfer only.
  • Online

Summary Box

Account Name

Fixed Online Saver
Interest rates (AERs) Fixed interest rate. View our current rates
Tax Status Interest will be paid net of income tax (currently 20%) unless you register your account with us to receive gross interest. If you are not a basic rate tax payer see our important information section.
Conditions for bonus payment There's no bonus available on this account.
Withdrawal arrangements

No withdrawals allowed. Early closure permitted. If you close your account early, you lose an amount equivalent to:

1 year term - 90 days’ gross interest
2 year term - 180 days’ gross interest
3 year term - 270 days’ gross interest
5 year term - 365 days’ gross interest

This amount will be taken from the amount you put into your Fixed Online Saver when you opened it, and you may therefore get back less than you first deposited.

Access Online only

Current Rates

  Annual/Maturity RateMonthly Rate
TermBalanceGross/AERNet GrossAERNet
1 year £500+ 1.20% 0.96% 1.19% 1.20% 0.95%
2 years £500+ 1.40% 1.12% 1.39% 1.40% 1.11%
3 years £500+ 1.60% 1.28% 1.59% 1.60% 1.27%
5 years £500+ 1.80% 1.44% 1.79% 1.80% 1.43%

If you’re looking to invest for more than 5 years why not consider investing in our managed funds.

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  • Fixed terms from 1 to 5 years
    You can choose a length of term that best suits you, from 1 to 5 years.
  • Choose when your interest is paid to you
    You can select to receive the interest monthly to supplement your income, or annually to boost your savings.
  • No additional deposits or withdrawals allowed
    The Fixed Online Saver doesn't allow any additional deposits or withdrawals. You can access your money by closing the account early, but this will result in loss of interest and you may get back less than the original amount you deposited. For more details view the summary box.
  • Halifax Savers Prize Draw
    Qualifying account for the Halifax Savers Prize Draw.
  • Joint accounts
    To add an additional account holder to your account you both need to bring a completed and signed additional party form, along with identification, to a 20 minute appointment you can arrange to have in a local branch that's convenient for you. Alternatively, you can request to add an additional account holder over the phone by calling 08457 26 36 46 (lines are open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm on Saturday and 9am to 5pm on Sunday).

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Additional information

  • Fixed rate interest - the rate we pay is fixed and will not change throughout the term.
  • Savings account term - this will start on the date you open your account (unless that is not a working day) even if you do not pay anything in on that day. We must receive your opening deposit within 10 days of you opening your account.
  • Interest paid - annually or monthly.
  • Eligibility - UK resident personal customers aged 16+. If you don't live in the UK, find out about offshore savings accounts.
  • Maturity - at the end of the fixed term, unless we receive instructions from you, your account will automatically transfer to a Matured Funds account currently paying interest at the rate of 0.25% gross/AER fixed on balances of £1 and over.
  • Account conditions  (opens as PDF).
  • We are a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme so our customers' savings are protected (up to £85,000).

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How to fund your account with an opening credit

There are three convenient ways you can fund your account:

  • If you already bank with Halifax online, you can fund the account straight away during the application process
  • By money transfer from another financial institution (You will need to quote your new account details)
  • By posting us a cheque to the following address:
    Halifax, PO Box 548, LEEDS, LS1 1WU
    Please make your cheque payable to the account holders name and include your new account details on the reverse.

Please note:
Rates of interest are subject to change, please check before opening
Interest rates are fixed on account opening
Interest rates effective from 0.00am on 03/02/2015
View the summary box before you apply for this account
For a definition of AER, Gross and other terms please view our savings glossary.

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You can choose to save over a term that suits you and get a fixed rate on your savings

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