Account charges

This section tells you about the charges that apply to the following accounts for standard account services and special services, and about the interest you'll be charged if your account goes overdrawn.

Account charges
60 Day Gold Bonus Gold Everyday Saver Extra Income Saver Fixed Online Saver
Fixed Saver Guaranteed Reserve Instant Saver ISA Saver ISA Saver Direct
ISA Saver Fixed ISA Saver Online ISA Saver Variable Junior Cash ISA Kids Regular Saver
Liquid Gold Matured Funds Monthly Saver Online Saver Passbook Saver
Regular Saver Reward Saver save4it Saver Reward Stepped Income Reserve
Treasurers' Account Web Saver Web Saver Extra Young Saver Content

Cash machine charges

We don’t charge you for taking money out of an Everyday Saver, Reward Saver, Young Saver, Liquid Gold, Guaranteed Saver, Web Saver variable with card or Instant Saver account at a Halifax LINK cash machine. Please note that if you make a withdrawal using a non-Halifax cash machine, the bank or building society who own the cash machine may charge you. The amount of any charge will be taken out of your account.

Charges for cash machines abroad

If your savings card allows cash withdrawals abroad, we'll charge a non-sterling transaction fee of 2.99% of the amount of the withdrawal and a non-sterling cash fee of 1.5% of the amount of each withdrawal with a minimum charge of £1.50. Alternatively if you choose to complete your cash withdrawal using the cash machine providers conversion rate to sterling, we will only charge a foreign cash fee of 1.5% of the amount of each withdrawal with a minimum charge of £1.50. The provider of the foreign currency may make a separate charge for conversion. Please note there is no maximum non-sterling cash fee or foreign cash fee.

Charges for international payments out of your account

We charge £9.50 for international payments using Online Banking, in branch or Telephone Banking.

Charges for international payments into your account

Amount paid into your account Amount of fee
International payments into your account for £100 or less (after we’ve converted
the money into sterling)
International payments into your account over £100 (after we’ve converted the
money into sterling)

The amount you pay will be calculated after we’ve converted the money into sterling.
We’ll do this on the day we pay it into your account.

Withdrawal by bankers draft

You cannot withdraw any amount less than £500 from your savings account by banker’s draft.

Interest for overdrawn accounts

If your account goes overdrawn we’ll charge you interest at a rate of 7% a year.

Copy statements

If you request a copy of a statement that has previously been issued to you, you may be charged a fee of £5 for each request. You won’t be charged this fee if you have a passbook or use online banking and are registered for paperfree statements or if you haven’t previously been sent the statement.


If you ask us to transfer money electronically from your account to another UK account using the CHAPS system we’ll charge you a fee of £25.

Charges for special services

Special presentation – you may ask us to specially present a cheque for a fee of £10.
Foreign currency, travellers cheques and cross-border transfers - you may ask us to use a number of special services relating to foreign currency, travellers cheques and the telegraphic transfer of money abroad. Ask at any of our branches for details.