Start banking online. It's quick and easy.

You can register in 5 minutes and then sign in straight away to get all the benefits of Online Banking that over 4 million Halifax customers already enjoy. So, what are you waiting for?

Take 3 simple steps to Online Banking…

1. Enter your personal details
Name, date of birth, postcode and details for one of your Halifax accounts.

2. Choose a username and password
Choose a username which you won’t forget ensuring it’s between 9 and 30 characters e.g. johnsmith123

A secure password is one of our many security measures. Make sure yours is as secure as it can be.

  • 6 – 15 characters
  • At least 3 letters and 1 number
  • No spaces, hyphens, or special characters

We’ll then call you to verify it’s you registering for Online Banking, simply follow the on screen instructions. On some occasions this may not be possible and instead we shall send you an activation code in the post, which you will need to enter when you first log on.

3. Sign in to Online Banking
Once you have registered for Online Banking, sign in using the username and password that you have set up.

You’ll be asked to read, understand and accept the terms and conditions in order to use Online Banking. You may be asked to call the Online Banking Helpdesk to complete your registration. If so, make a note of the reference number on screen.

Register now

What happens after you register

The first time you sign in, you will be asked to set up your Memorable Information. This needs to be something you can remember, as whenever you sign in you will be asked for 3 characters from your Memorable Information. You will also be taken through setting up your online service and shown key features by the ‘Show Me’ tool, which is accessible at any time under ‘Help & Support’.