3 moments a contactless card could help keep you in control

A decade’s passed since contactless was launched in 2007, and the UK’s getting used to the easy, secure ‘tap and go’ way of life for purchases up to £45. A Visa study1 showed that two-thirds of people in the UK have used contactless cards to make a payment.

So why is opting to go contactless proving so popular? As well as saving you time at the tills vs. cash, it can help you to stay in control and keep your cool, whatever the day throws at you.

We’ve picked out three everyday moments where your Halifax contactless Visa debit card could save you from getting a little flustered and give you extra peace of mind.

‘Keep your cool’ moment #1: Cash is burning a hole in your pocket

  • You’re low on eggs and milk, so you pop to your local shop to stock up
  • You decide to pay with a £10 note
  • You spend your change on things you fancy but don’t really need

With contactless, you’ll never need to split a note again — there’s no need to carry a pocketful of coins around, and you’ll head home from the corner shop with just the essentials you originally nipped out to buy.

‘Keep your cool’ moment #2: Payday’s too far away

  • At the start of the month, you set a daily budget to help your funds last until payday
  • As the end of the month gets closer, you get a nasty surprise when you realise you’ve spent more than you expected

With the Halifax Mobile Banking app, you always know where you are with your money. It’s easy to see exactly how much you’ve spent each day on your contactless card, as well as check any pending transactions you have coming up.

‘Keep your cool’ moment #3: Your card goes walkabout

  • You’re doing a spot of online shopping
  • When you’re ready to pay, your debit card’s nowhere to be seen
  • You know you had it earlier today... so where’s it gone?

There’s now a handy new feature on our Mobile Banking app that lets you decide how your debit card is used. Freeze and unfreeze certain transactions whenever you need to, 24/7, for extra confidence and peace of mind.

It’s also perfect for those times when you temporarily misplace your card, but you know it’s not lost or stolen. Just turn on the freezes quickly and securely to give you the breathing space you need to find it. Once it’s found, simply unfreeze and use as normal.

If you find you have lost your card, remember to report it to us — this is also easy to do on our Mobile Banking app.

1. Source: visa.co.uk

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